40 Warm Happy Birthday Messages to Wish Your Sister-in-Law

A great sister in law is an incredible gift, which is why it’s so important to make sure to wish her a happy birthday sister-in-law on her big day.

It can be really easy to get busy and forget a birthday, but when someone is lucky enough to have a wonderful sister in law, then they will not want to allow this day to pass without some sort of celebration or excitement.

Using the right words to express a happy birthday is important. No matter the age of the sister in law or how long you have been family, birthday wishes are an important part of celebrating who they are and how important they are to you.

You can make sure to make her day as special as possible by wishing her a happy birthday with one of these great wishes. They’re all designed to show your love.


Birthday Wishes for Sister-in-Law

One of the great things about a wonderful sister-in-law is that they can become more than an in-law – they can become a sister. Anyone who is lucky enough to have a close relationship with their sister in law knows how important it is to celebrate this relationship.

When you use the right words in a birthday greeting, then you can make sure that the birthday girl knows how much she is loved. For inspiration check our ideas to say ‘happy birthday to my sister-in-law’ in a most adoring way.


1. Happy birthday, beautiful sister-in-law! It’s a great pleasure for me to celebrate this wonderful day with you. It’s your first birthday after marriage and I hope you have the best and memorable day. Sing, dance, and enjoy every moment of this beautiful day.

happy birthday wishes for sister in law


2. Happy birthday to the best sister-in-law in the world! You are like a blessing from God for our family. A big hug and a lot of good wishes for this new year of your life. I hope this day be filled with only the best things. Have fun!

birthday greetings for sister in law


3. I don’t always say that, but I hope you know how much I feel for you. It’s a wonderful thing to be with you on your birthday. My sister-in-law cum friend, happy birthday! I hope this day is the beginning of a special year for you.

birthday quotes for sister in law


4. My little sister-in-law, happy 13th birthday! it’s a big day in your life as you’ve entered the teen phase. Today I want you to know that you can always count on me. I hope God gives you the strength to fight for your dreams and make you the happiest person!

birthday messages for sister in law


5. You are more than a sister-in-law for me, you’re my friend with whom I can share all my good and bad moments. Thanks for coming into our lives. Happy birthday! May God help you to conquer all your dreams!

birthday wishes for sister in law


6. It’s our good luck having you in our family. You’ve changed our lives in a good way. Thanks for being such a dear friend. May you be very happy forever! Many happy returns of the day, beloved sister-in-law!


7. It’s a great thing for me to celebrate the date of birth of such a wonderful person. Happy birthday, dear sister-in-law! You are incredible for whom I have deep respect. With all my heart, wishing you eternal joy and happiness! God bless you!


8. Dear sister-in-law, I have to confess that you’ve become my role model. I love everything about you. Continue to be this loving and friendly person. I hope every day, you find many reasons to smile. Happy birthday! Enjoy the day and have blast!

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9. Since you came into our home you’ve spread only the happiness. I’ve always seen you being positive which is really inspirable. I adore you, my lovely sister-in-law. Happy birthday! I hope you always surrounded by love and blessings.


10. One of the most important people in my life, my heartiest congratulations on your birthday! You’re good at everything and also know how to handle every situation. There’s a lot to learn from you. May this day be repeated in your life and God gives you immense happiness!

birthday greetings for sister in law


11. Congratulations my beautiful sister-in-law on your birthday. it’s your 32nd birthday but anyone who doesn’t know this will easily believe if you say that you’re only 23. Have a charming day as you are. Cheers to your wonderful life!


12. You are the synonym of love and friendship. Whenever I needed, you were always there. I’ll always be thankful to God for making you, my sister-in-law. Love you with all my heart and pray that no sorrows ever touch you. Happy birthday!


13. Happy birthday, my ex-sister-in-law! Though you no longer have any relation with my brother, still you treat me as a friend and support me in every situation. I admire and respect you from the heart. May you be very happy in life! Love you!

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14. Congratulations sister-in-law on your birthday! Though we have no blood relation, I have always found a big sister in you. Thanks for the love, care and all the things you’ve done for me. May God give you many more years of happy and peaceful life!


15. You have a place reserved in my heart which nobody can ever take. Dear sister-in-law, happy birthday! I wish you a day full of fun, surprises, charms, and blessings.

happy birthday quotes for sister in law


16. I really want to know the secret how are you becoming more younger day by day! Yes, you’re right, I’m kidding! Happy Birthday, aged sister-in-law!


17. If you were not too gentle and boring, then you would definitely be the best sister-in-law. I’m just joking. Happy birthday sweetest girl!


18. Happy birthday, my sister from another parent! You’ve always loved me as your little sister and did everything for my happiness. A person like you is hard to find. Thanks for everything, lovely sister-in-law. Have a wonderful and blessed life!


19. My beautiful sister-in-law with a big heart, many congratulations on another year of life! You’re the light of our family and wherever you go, you make everyone happy. I hope your life be filled with love and many achievements because you truly deserve!


20. You’re gaining charm with the age and the extra candle on the cake doesn’t suit you. Happy birthday, my prettiest sister-in-law!

birthday wishes for sister in law

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21. Happy birthday to the youngest member of the family! Since we met, I’ve always considered you as my little sister. You are a person with a golden heart. I wish, God helps you to fulfill your dream and give you a bright future! Lots of love!


22. I think you already know how much I love you. You’ve become one of the most important parts of my life. Happy birthday, sister-in-law! I hope you get all the things that make you happy.


23. Today is the date of birth of more than millions of people but I only remembered your birthday. How lucky you are! LOL! Happy birthday, sister-in-law!


24. Dear sister-in-law, you are like my sister I always wished to have. Happy birthday, sweetheart! Continue to be like this sweet and keep the smiling face! Lots of kisses and tons of love for you!


25. I must say that you’ve made my brother’s life happier. My brother is really lucky to have you as a life partner. May the Almighty pour out many blessings today and every day of your life! Happy birthday, sister-in-law!

birthday messages for sister in law


26. Happy birthday gorgeous sister-in-law! Don’t think that I didn’t bring a gift intentionally, actually, I couldn’t understand what to buy for an older woman.


27. Since the birthday of a spectacular person like you comes only once a year, we should celebrate the day in a grand way. Happy birthday, sister-in-law!  I hope you have a great birthday party and have lots of fun today and every day of your life!


28. Your entrance is the best thing that happened in my brother’s life. Giving only thanks will not enough for whatever you’ve done for this family. I love you, my sister-in-law! May God keep showering his blessings upon you!


29. Your wrinkles are telling that you’ve become aged and now can get the benefits reserved for the old person. Just kidding! Happy birthday, sister-in-law! Enjoy your day and have a lot of fun!


30. You are the best sister-in-law I can ever ask for. Thanks for being so loving and supportive. Congratulations on your birthday and best wishes for the upcoming years!

happy birthday wishes for sister in law

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31. Happy birthday to my best companion, the lovely sister-in-law! Have fun and smile a lot because soon the wrinkles will come to stay! I’m joking! Best wishes for this new year!


32. Congratulations sister-in-law for completing the second decade of life! I hope this new chapter of the book of your life be filled with immense happiness and blessings. Love you today and forever!


33. Today is your birthday but I feel so bad for not being with you at this special moment. I really want to hug you tight. Happy birthday, sister-in-law! Receive my best wishes and have a great celebration.


34. God has fulfilled my wish of having a sister, by sending you in my life. Happy birthday, sister-in-law! I hope you get lots of warm wishes, surprises, blessing, and love. Good luck!


35. Happy birthday, my elder sister-in-law! You are my sister, my friend and sometimes a mother. Words are not enough to show you my gratitude. I just pray to God to grant you many years of life and make you the happiest person!

birthday quotes for sister in law

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36. Today is very special for all of us because it’s your first birthday here, dear sister-in-law! Happy birthday! May God enlighten you and make the way of your life smooth and easy! You deserve all the happiness and joys in the world.


37. Happy birthday, my allrounder sister-in-law! You are truly amazing and an inspiration for all the girls. Proud of you! I wish that God will give you the ability to deal with any obstacles and give you eternal success!


38. With every passing year, you’re becoming more beautiful because you are not only beautiful from the face, but also beautiful from the heart. I hope this day and all the day of your life be brightened and blessed by God. Wishing you a great day of celebration!


39. Happy birthday, sweetheart, my little sister-in-law! I love to spend time with you, laugh together and do all the funny things. I hope our relationship always remain like this beautiful. May you never lack anything in life!

happy birthday sister in law


40. My dear sister-in-law, you may not be my sister by blood but you’re the sister by heart. Happy birthday! I wish all your days be colorful and you have a year full of success and beautiful moments!

birthday wishes for sister in law


These 40 amazing birthday wishes for sister in law are a wonderful way to show someone that you care. If you are lucky enough to have a sister in law you love, then you will want to make her feel as special as possible by using one of these great birthday wishes.

Let us know which one you use and how much it meant to her to be celebrated on her big day.