25 Tender Birthday Messages for Younger Sister

Choosing and using the wrong happy birthday little sister greetings in a card or a verbal greeting can be crushing for a little sister and make it very difficult for them to feel like they can properly celebrate their birthday.

Since writing birthday wishes on your own can be so tricky, it’s often a good idea to use wishes that have already been written, prepared, and tested.

Most little sisters love celebrating their birthday and being the center of attention on their big day, which means that family members must make sure to choose the right birthday wishes for little sister.

No matter how close an older sibling is with their little sister, there is a birthday greeting that will be able to perfectly represent their relationship and love that they share.

This is incredibly important to remember, as it will prevent older siblings from settling with birthday wishes that may not be a perfect choice.


Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Little Sister

When you’re ready to wish your little sister a happy birthday and want to make sure that the day is as meaningful as possible for her, then you will need to consider one of our great 25 birthday greetings.

We know that all siblings have different relationships, that you want to pick a greeting that shows your love, and that you need one that represents your personality, which is why we offer so many options to say happy birthday my little sister for you to choose from.


1. Despite having the age difference, I always consider you as my friend and I really hope our bond always remain this strong and pure. Happy birthday, little sister! Have a happy and cheerful day!

happy birthday little sister


2. You’re the cutest, most adorable and of course, most inspiring little sister. Happy birthday, sis! I hope all the blessings and good wishes always gladden your heart! Good Luck!

birthday wishes for little sister


3. I still remember that I became upset when I heard I was going to have a little sister. I didn’t want to share the love with anyone. But after you came, I felt the love of a sister. Thanks for coming into my life. Happy birthday!

happy birthday quotes for little sister


4. The blood that’s flowing in both of our veins is the same which makes our bond unbreakable. My dear little sister, I feel proud to have you. Happy birthday! All the very best for the coming years!

happy birthday little sister


5. Dear sis, you have a very special place in my heart which nobody can replace. I hope all your dreams come true and you can enjoy every moment of your life. Happy birthday, little sister!

birthday messages for little sister


6. My dear little sister, happy birthday! Though sometimes we quarrel, fight, I know you can feel my love for you. I want you to know that I’ll be by your side in all your good and bad situations. Have a great day!


7. We share the same blood and nothing can spoil our beautiful union. You’re one of the most precious people in my life, dear. I love you, my younger sis and wish you a very happy birthday!


8. I’m always grateful to God for sending such a perfect younger sister for me. Happy birthday, cutie! I wish you a day full of fun and joyful moments! You’re the best!


9. Thanks a lot for not only being my younger sister but for also being my friend, my shopping partner and of course my partner in crime. I’m blessed to have you in my life! Happy birthday, dear!

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10. Though everyone calls us twins, never forget that I’m 1 minute older than you. LOL! Happy birthday, my twin sister! Always respect the elders including me and you’ll be very happy in your life!

birthday quotes for little sister


11. Siblings share one of the most beautiful and adorable relationships. Dear younger sister, because of you, I can feel that bond. Happy birthday! I wish you a blissful life with lots of success!


12. I always wished to have a sister and God fulfilled my wish by sending you to our family. Thanks for being my little sister. Remember that you can always count on me. Happy birthday, dear!


13. It always gives pleasure spending time with you, laugh and play together. You are not only my little sister, but you’re also my best friend. Happy birthday, sweetheart! Wishing you a lovely and enjoyable day!


14. After you came into this world, our family became complete and my life gained a different color. My little sis, happy birthday! May God give you wisdom and maturity so that you can always make the best decisions!

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15. Happy birthday, little one! You always make me laugh and you’re the one I always care most. May God always keep us together! Have a fantastic birthday ever!

happy birthday wishes for little sister


16. My friend, my pride, my little sister, congratulations on your birthday! Don’t forget to be happy and to keep that smiling face always! Wishing a lovely birthday for the lovely sister!


17. It’s always great to share life with such a special girl as you, my little sister. Happy birthday! I hope you live life in the best way!


18. Today, we all are here to celebrate your beautiful life, my dear little sister! Happy birthday! May God always protect you and give you all the success you deserve!


19. Congratulations on your lucky 7th birthday! I still can’t believe that you’ve grown up so fast! I hope this beautiful year brings all the beautiful things in your life. Have a memorable day, my little sister!


20. Congratulations little sister, on your birthday! I’m one of the luckiest people for having such a friendly sister. I hope this special day bring you tones of love and precious memories!

happy birthday little sister


21. I really enjoy your silly jokes and all your stupid activities because I love you. All the best on your birthday, little sis!


22. Happy birthday, my favorite person, my little sister! Your innocent word always cheers me up and you know how to make my day brighter. May you continue to be this sweet and adorable!

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23. My dear little sis, it’s a great thing that you’re becoming less annoying as you grow older. Just kidding! Happy birthday!


24. It’s true that I’ve never wanted to share my things with you but I’ve enjoyed sharing our childhood. My little sister, you’re the best and I love you. Happy birthday!

birthday quotes for little sister


25. You’re the most adorable and sweetest person I know. I’m so proud to be your elder sister. Thanks for being my all-time partner. Love you, my little sister! I wish you the most memorable birthday ever!

happy birthday wishes for little sister


Our great happy birthday little sister wishes are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to wish your little sister a happy birthday and to show her how much she means to you.

No matter which one of our 25 fun birthday wishes you choose, you won’t have to worry about not being able to fully express yourself and show her your love.