15 Ways to Wish Happy 10th Birthday to Your Son

A child’s 10th birthday is super special. They’re turning double digits and they want to celebrate that milestone.

Ten-year-old boys can be a tough crowd, so here are 15 ways to please them on their big day. These ideas range from simple to supreme, but they’re all great ways to say “Happy 10th Birthday, Son!”


Perfect Ideas to Celebrate 10th Birthday of Your Son

These 15 ideas are the most unique and effective ways to wish happy 10th birthday to your son and make his day even better!

1. Throw a Party

10th year birthday party for son

This is the most obvious choice and can be a great way to wish your son a happy 10th birthday. A fun party just needs some games, snacks, and friends.

Incorporating his hobbies and interests, such as sports or video games, can add more personalization to the celebration of turning double digits .

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2. Have a Scavenger Hunt

ways to wish happy 10th birthday son

Parents can customize the scavenger hunt by throwing in little details and inside jokes. This will make him feel extra special, especially if he has siblings.

The activity is all about him, and in the end, everyone can celebrate with cake or a big dinner.


3. Catch Them by Surprise

surprise birthday party on 10th birthday

Fill their room with balloons while they’re out or asleep, or decorate the house with birthday banners. These cute details add to the excitement that he’ll feel about his special day.


4. Treat Him to a Meal

meal for son's 10th birthday

Make your son’s 10th birthday special by taking him out to his favorite spot or cooking a meal he will love. He’ll appreciate the special treatment, and it’s also a great way to spend quality time together.

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5. Celebrate Birthday Week

happy 10th birthday son

Have a birthday week countdown and make each day a little special. For instance, one day could be a specific story about when he was a baby.

Another day could be a trip to the ice cream parlor. Yet another day could be one-on-one time together at the park or skating rink.


6. Make a School Lunch Brighter

If he must go to the school that day, try sprucing up his lunchbox. Use gift paper to wrap up each of his food items and place them in his lunchbox or bag.

Maybe include a dessert treat for him to savor while at school. On a napkin, write “Happy 10th Birthday, Son” with a personalized message.


7. Give Him the Place of Honor

At home, designate a chair or little area of the house as his. It will be his place of honor for the day and can include his presents, some balloons, and birthday wishes from friends and family.


8. Make a Donation in His Name

It’s never too early to teach kids about the importance of charity and giving back. If he has a certain organization that he’s interested in, consider making a donation in his name.


9. Create a Slideshow

Let the memories come to life with a touching slideshow presentation. Gather photos and video clips of him throughout the years, maybe even starting with him as a newborn.

Progress through the years to present day and let him know how much he has grown in those 10 wonderful years.

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10. Have a Birthday Breakfast

birthday breakfast for your son's 10th Birthday

Take some extra time to prepare a special breakfast. Confetti pancakes or even bacon and eggs with a candle will do. This is a great way for your son to start his 10th birthday and make the better.


11. Make Him the Center of Attention

This works really well if he has siblings. Everyone does something special for him, such as preparing his dinner plate or doing his chores. Make the day all about him.

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12. Visit a Local Attraction

This could be a natural park, an amusement park, the beach, or anything else that’s exciting around town.


13. Go to the Movies

Or host a movie night in and replicate the theater experience at home. Dim the lights, make popcorn, serve soda and candy, and turn up the sound system. What could be more perfect celebration of 10th birthday of your son?


14. Try Something New

happy 10th birthday to my son

Ask him what he’s always wanted to try. Maybe it’s swim lessons or karate, or perhaps he wants to go roller skating with friends. Allow him to call the shots (within reason).

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15. Game Night

boy playing video games on his 10th birthday

Videogames, sports and recreational activities, board games and cards – dedicate a night to having fun with friends and family.


We are sure you’ll see eye to eye with us that these are the most unique ideas to wish happy 10th birthday to your son. Celebrate and make his day memorable for lifetime.