25 of The Sweetest Short Hairstyles for Girls

Although sporting long, luscious locks is a traditional look for young ladies, short haircuts for girls can be just as cute with an added note of sass.

Just think about a mischievous pixie haircut or a stylish flapper-style bob: short haircuts can do wonders to highlight a girl’s best features.

In addition, short hairstyles are often low maintenance and easy to style, saving some precious time off a busy morning routine.

They are the best way to look put together for school or work even if you have overslept just a tiny bit. And for the early risers, you can go from hitting the gym to rocking that 8 am the presentation in no time.


Coolest Short Haircuts for Girls

Short haircuts can be intimidating if you have been showing off Rapunzel-like tresses your whole life, but remember that hair grow back.

If you are not sure you are ready for the big chop, you can also ease your way into short hair from a long bob to that barely-there pixie ‘do you have been dreaming about.

Here are some of our favorite short hairstyles for girls!

1. Short Messy Hair with Front Braid

girl with short messy hair

This is a short haircut for the modern-day girl. The layers and the stacked back give a sharp and edgy finish of the hairstyle. The front is braided in a wide braid that comes as a crown – from one side to the other.


2. Girl Ponytail with Bangs

short hairstyles for girls

The ponytail gives a visual height of the head and the hairstyle. The bangs complete the look and they are long and beautiful.

As for the pony, it is a bit messy, and it keeps what is left of the hair wrapped at the back.


3. Pink Bowl Cut

girl with short pink hair

The bowl cut is not a very common look but is definitely an interesting and daring one. The bowl cut is a short hairstyle that presents a look resembling a bowl, turned upside down.

The hairstyle gets a roundish look, while the length of the hair is equal all around. Under the bowl cut, the back and the sides can be shaved, faded or simply cut very short.

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4. Layers on Top

short layered hairstyles for girls

This short layered hairstyle for girls is a combination of layer, sharp ends, and different lengths. Layering is done on the top and the hair is short. The lower and front parts are left longer.


5. Side Top Knot

topknot on short hair for girls

A top knot is a convenient option for any hair that has even a little bit of hair. The style is super cute, girlish and interesting.

The side top knot is a new and fresh version of the regular top knot. Pull the entire hair to the side and create a knot.


6. Girl Mohawk with Design

Doing some creativity on the faded, shaved or short sides is a good way to upgrade any look.

The artistry can be various, presenting any kind of lines or drawing. The top is curly, shorter at the back and longer on the front.


7. Ballerina Bun with A Bow

Ballerina buns have always been popular hairstyle choice for girls with short hair. The bun is neat and round, placed centrally at the back.

For a better effect and a look, the addition of an accessory like a bow will make the hairstyle even more beautiful.


8. Pixie Cut

This version of the girl’s pixie cut is quite interesting. It is a mixture of the shag and a bowl cut.

The hair does not look like a regular bowl, because all the sides are not equal in length, but it does have the roundish form.


9. Tiny Buns on A Stacked Bob

This creative version of the bob presents the short haircut in a new light. Most of the hair is straight and let down in the regular cut of a stacked bob.

The top portion of the hair, around the middle part, is divided into 4 pieces, each of them creating a tiny bun.


10. Asian Girl Hairstyle

short hairstyles for Asian Girls

The asymmetrical bob divided the hair right in the middle with a central part. One of the sides is a bit longer than the other one.

The bangs are also divided in the middle, falling to both sides of the forehead.


11. Extended Mullet

This is a long version of the Mohawk. The hair at the back is the longest, while the rest of the Mohawk is shorter.

The hair is sharp, styled upwards. The sides are cut short and create a nice contrast to this extraordinary Mohawk.


12. Half-Up Bun for Girls

The half-up buns can be done on short hair where the top has enough length. On the bob, the half-up bun looks very nice because it gives the cut a new look. This is a very trendy short hairstyle among girls today.

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13. Double Buns on Short Hair

Instead of having only one bun, try wearing two. Separate the hair right by the middle part, and pull each portion of the top part back in a bun.


14. Side Braids

This elegant look is similar to the crown. The difference is that here, the braids are separated and each one of them starts from a side part. They go all over to the back and finish together.


15. Layering and An Extension

girl with short hair

The layering on this girl’s short haircut is longer on the top and shorter in the lower parts. The accent is however put on the only one long extension left the back that is wrapped like a pony.


16. Short Curly Ombre Hair

Each curled top is best accented with short or shaved sides. If done in ombre the sides are best to be darker while the top gradually becomes lighter.


17. Boy Cut for Girls

The parallel and linear change of hair length and style display an edgy look for bold girls. From bald fade, the hair continues to short straight cut, that turn on a curly top.


18. Wavy Bob

The wavy bob is one of the trendiest short haircuts for girls. When the hair is parted in the middle, the soft and loose waves fall equally to the sides.

If the hair features highlights or any other lightning technique, the hairstyle will be even better and more beautiful.


19. Purple Hair

The regular boyish cut can be easily upgraded with a girlish tone if it is colored in some bold hair color like purple or violet.

Though the shade fades quickly, it will give a romantic vibe to your rebellious emo girl hair look.

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20. Shaved Hair with Extra Long Top

girl's short hair with bald fade

Bringing edginess and doing something different that will surely catch eyes is the girl hairstyle that involves shaved hair.

The greatest contrast here is the long hair left on the central part of the head that also comes in a pinkish shade.


21. Volume on Another Level

Although this look might be hard to achieve at home, it will certainly set you in the spotlight wherever you appear.

The voluminous top is the central point in this short hairstyle, while the sides are sleek and each one of them is featuring a creative braid.


22. Girls with Curly Hair

Afro curls can be naughty and hard to style. However, the chin-length is perfect for them to be worn in any combination.

Swept to the side, and fastened with a hairpin behind the ear will make you look very cool and stylish. Also, highlights and ombre are always welcome.


23. Long Bangs and Soft Waves

Bangs are a beautiful addition to every face and hairstyle because they make the eyes more accented and dominant. On a short hair, the bangs look good with layered or bob haircut.

The straight bangs and the wavy hair is a cool and stylish look that is bright the fashionable persona out of you.


24. Shoulder Length Dreadlock

short dreadlocks for girls

Making dreadlocks on the hair is a big step because after that there is no turning back.

The dreadlocks have their own beauty, and if they are long enough, they can present a short hairstyle that is unique and surely challenging for girls.

Furthermore, if the hair is colored and comes in a fierce and vibrant shade, the look will definitely be one of a kind.


25. Short Curly Hair + Headband

black girl with short afro hair

Headbands, as hair accessories, have returned on a fashion scene and stole the spotlight this summer. They can come as a beach or casual hair accessory.

Its purpose alongside current trendiness especially comes to light on short hair. In this case, if the short curls are making a mess all over your face the headband will keep them tidy and in order.


Short haircuts for girls can be surprisingly versatile and fun to style. Just add a couple of ringlets (it’s also a lot easier and faster to do that on a full head of hair), and you are ready to rock a whole new you.

It is also less intimidating if you want to try a daring dye job to bring some color into your life.