25 Captivating Hairstyles for Girls with Medium Hair

Medium hairstyles for girls are the most recent hairstyle trend. Longer styles are still prominent however at this point medium length styles are shadowing them down, since they have more finesse.

As soon the girls learn to use the infographics, they can’t help but admire celebrities like Selena Gomez and look up to them for the newest hairstyle updates. It’s been a while since medium hairstyles have taken a toll on all the women.

The sole reason is its versatility! Between having breakfast, and keeping a check on everything you need for your class or work, you also have to take care of your hairstyle. Be that as it may, medium hair seems to take the least amount of effort when it comes to styling them.


Amazing Medium-length Hairstyles for Girls

If you intend to trim your hair to medium length and you are wondering what will you do next, then you’re in the perfect spot. You will definitely find a style that is reasonable for you. Wear it to work or special occasions. Look at the shots beneath for some creative hairstyles for girls with medium hair:

#1. Ponytail with Bangs

ponytail with bangs styles for girls with medium hair

The simplest, easiest and if made stylishly the most high-class girl’s medium hairstyle will always be the high ponytails.

Girls can add bangs to their look. It’d spice up the complete look moderately. Just make sure you tie your hair high enough to end at your shoulder length.


#2. Mid Length French Braid

mid length french braids for girls

The classiest braid, the French braid cannot be kept aside. It’ll always be the top choice for every girl, it secures all the hair in one swanky updo.

Weave in thin strands to get a virtuoso French braid hairstyle. You can prink it with hair studs if need be.


#3. Two French Braids

two medium french braids for girls

Forget about edgy Mohawks, twisty buns and fancy bows. To cast a lasting impression, recreate these two French plaits on your medium length hair.

No matter the hair colors, they look fabulous. It’s a school-friendly poise mid-length hairstyle for girls.


#4. A-Line Bob Dreadlocks

dreadlock bob for girls with medium hair

It’s true that bob cut is short, but how about a medium A-line bob? Style it with stunning dreadlocks. They should be kept in a wind-swept manner, that’s when they look natural and appealing.


#5. Twisted Hair Updo

shoulder length twisted updo for girls

This hairstyle for girls with medium hair is something much different than customary twists.

Who knew tying a knot with two strands and pinning the ends across each other would give such a bewitching hairstyle at the end? Let your medium hair flow down to give the knot its the spotlight.


#6. Short Half Dutch Braid

Since childhood, girls fall in love with the artistic French braids. But what if there is another braid that appears even more aesthetic than a French braid?

A fancy half Dutch braid on a side does the trick. You don’t have to a master to make this bonny hairdo.


#7. Low Bun

Two words for this graceful inverted bun; classy and gorgeous. Thick medium hair appears stylish and neatly coiffed in this sophisticated low bun.


#8. Grey Box Braids

Box braids are an ultimate iconic medium hairstyle for girls, ascending from Afro beauty and fashion. These silver-grey box braids are on-trend these days.

It’s always better to choose a one-off style over the ones worn by the majority of the girls every other day.


#9. Punk Edgy Layered Haircut

Oh-so-good punky hairstyles are trending worldwide. They’re a great choice to wear both short and medium layers for a wild feral look.

The balayage or highlights will prettify it. Are you ready to show your daring side girls?


#10. Subtle Waves On Balayage

wavy balayage style for girls with medium hair

An extraordinarily feminine, sexy and alluring hairstyle for girls with medium hair for all the special occasions.

The deep tones of balayage appear captivating when reformed in waves. Don’t forget this ultra-modern hairstyle for weddings!


#11. Blonde American Girls Haircut

At a young age, you don’t need to grow your hair too long. Stick to medium hair, and play with hair color tones.

The best hair color that literally enhances every elegant updo is blonde. The kind of texture that blonde hair color creates is unparalleled to any other.


#12. Lob with Bangs

A simple lob cut on medium-length hair for girls looks thicker and better with bangs, especially if you have fine hair.

It is essentially called lob because it’s a lengthy bob cut, not too long, and not too short. So, you’re left with so many other peculiar trendy hairstyles to follow.


#13. Curly Hair

Ever since Rihanna’s “wild thought” music video had dropped; her hairstyle made every girl go crazy.

The length, the opulent waves, and the perky curls adapt really well to the medium length hair. It gives a lot of body and natural texture to all hair types.


#14. Crochet Braids

Can the latch hook braids on medium hair get any cuter than this? The side part and the lovely form of crochet braids sums up an appealing attire.

To make crochet braids, you’ll need synthetic hair to twirl in with natural hair.


#15. Emo Hairstyle

medium hairstyles for girls

It’s such a vibrant to-die-for medium hairstyle for girls! You start seeing blonde and brunette around you, and you want to dye your hair in a different gleaming color.

Lock in warm purple hair color, with sea green underneath. You can also add a little flair for the colors to appear bright, with beach waves and short fringes.


#16. Tight Perms

A super well-defined perm befits medium hair. Not only it puts up a magnificent aura but adds bouncy volume to thin hair.

If you’ve got fine hair, perms will the finest hairstyle for you. Use long per rods, that way you’ll achieve terrific perms.


#17. Medium Lob with Slight Curls

There are only a few haircuts that suit all face shapes and all hair types. The most flattering and universally loved hairstyle is a medium lob cut.

After the long hairstyles, girls like to wear this chic medium haircut. Add soft curls for an elegant touch.


#18. Purple Balayage

Gear up girls, time to show how much confidence you got in yourself. There’s a trendy and super cute hair color trend on the rise.

It’s purple balayage, and girls are overwhelmed with its ritzy effects. Medium length hair is the right choice to pull off the purple tones boldly.


#19. French Bun

The royal highnesses have been giving us major girls medium length hairstyle goals for years. Meghan Markle’s French bun became popular amongst the young girls, to an extent that ladies are choosing French buns over messy buns.

Make sure you use a hair spray at the end to secure the free strands and beautify the ringlets with fancy bobby pins.


#20. Flip Flop Cornrows

cornrow braid for girls with medium hair

A new season calls for a new hairstyle upgrade. Leave the waves, perms, and twists behind. Give it up for cornrow braids!

No doubt, the new year has bought a wide variation in Fulani braids. Rock your braids by tying them into a high ponytail.


#21. Medium Length Low Ponytail

A lousy day asks for something different to be done. Create a hairstyle variation! A little too coiffed or a bit too messy might not be your piece of cake.

If that’s the case then why not opt for a simple low ponytail highlighting the mid-length hair. An ideal medium length hairstyle for girls with thin hair.


#22. Red Hipster Haircut

Choppy and messy, that’s the kind of look it is. Who’s ready for a fiercely benevolent hairstyle? Adopt this shattered layered hairstyle on fiery red colored hair.

Red takes these layers to a whole new savage level. Clearly a fresh and laid-back hairstyle for girls with medium hair.


#23. Half-Shaved Hairstyle

Against all the odds, let’s gives it up for this audacious half shaved hairstyle. You can set the inspiration for all the other modern girls looking forward to taking risks and dive in the outlandish fashion world.


#24. Icy Blue Hair with Undercut

side shaved icy blue mid hair for girls

Shaved hairstyles suit men, that’s true. But that doesn’t mean women can’t follow their heart and own up a snazzy shaved hairstyle. It’s an intricate shaved style. Dye your hair icy blue, and get this hip shaved medium hairstyle for girls.


#25. Platinum Blonde with Red Underneath

hairstyles for girls with medium hair

Time to get off with the standard looks and embrace a different one. Platinum blonde with red underneath looks ravishing on medium length hair. To flaunt off the beautiful two tones, make pigtails.


The medium length haircuts will be your optimal alternative with their adaptable shapes and styles. They have ended up being more mainstream among girls this entire year. Their specific dynamism can make you catch everyone’s eye.

Medium length hairstyles for girls become attractive when they contrast it with various hair colors and updos. If you wish for a crazy look, you can go for an uneven medium layered hairstyle and still make a pretty elegant updo with it.