25 Gorgeous Long Hairstyles for Girls (2024)

Long hairstyles for girls are so classic and they are not going anywhere. Girls like to play with hairstyles, in general. Sometimes they want to look like a Disney princess, and at times they want to look like a carefree cowboy.

Hair is an impression of a girl’s character and her identity. It isn’t something too personal because it opens a gateway for the public to gauge the personality, as it tunes the timbre of the whole look.

Thus, girls love evaluating basic yet beautiful hairstyles on their long hair that make they’re different from everyone else.

When it’s time for them to gather at school, with their companions or go to various occasions and events with family, mothers certainly love to see their girls be exceptional and what is superior to anything but a flawless hairstyle?

Trendy Long Haircuts for Girls

Girls who have long hair, feel like an enchantress, however styling it can now and then become an issue. On that point of fact, here are 25 adorable hairstyles for girls with long hair that you can undoubtedly recreate without winding up in tears.

You can choose from adorbs girly hairdos like pigtails in the regular days or French twist bun and waterfall braid on exclusive days.

#1. Long Dreadlocks

long dreadlocks for girls

It’s every girl’s dream to style their hair in dreadlocks at least once. Forget about the old myths that say “long ropes” are not fashion. The dreadlocks are in! And you must try them on those long locks before they fade away.

#2. Three Cornrows for Girls

hairstyles for girls with long hair

With an endless array of textured hairstyles for girls with long hair, there is one integrated with a couple of cornrows on the side. For a smashing finish, let the rest of your hair loose, feel free curl them heavily at the ends.

#3. Girl Ponytail with Waves

long half ponytail styles for girls

From blow dries to curling methods, pursue these means to get this very exquisitely textured pigtail for any event. No matter it’s senior prom, a or bridesmaid style upfronts, just wear this inclining hairstyle on your long hair!

#4. Double Braids with Bun

double braids with bun for girls with long hair

This is another French braid hairstyle suitable for young girls with long hair. If there’s a wedding coming up, this could be the finest wedding hairdo for girls to wear. It’d keep your hair secure, tidy and as pretty as picture.

#5. Reverse French Braided Buns

long hairstyles for girls

Sometimes it feels too boring to make a French braid again and again. Good for you, the reverse French braid is here to save your long hair from now on.

Make two inverted French braids on both sides and then coil them into space buns. It’s such a fresh breathtaking schoolgirl hairstyle, one can’t help but keep starring.

#6. Half Braids

Just the subtle curls? Why not add a little fab to it? The half-messy braid enhances the overall hairdo in the bright lights with its lace-like appearance.

Whether its school time or party time, this long hairstyle for girls would complement all sorts of outfits!

 #7. Top Half High Ponytail

Ponytails used to be the classiest hairstyles long haired girls in old times. They still are truly versatile. From bouffant to twists and knots, so many other styles can be integrated into it.

Grab the top half of your hair, and tie them in a ponytail, girls. Keep it easy on the eyes!

#8. Layered Hair with A Side Part

The bouncy blow-dried hair is literally a hairstyling goal for girls of all ages.

There’s no other riveting hairdo than perfectly soft blow-dried hair. While the heavy dryer works its wonders, you just have to sit tight. Create a side part and voila!

#9. Two Simple Braids with Fringe Cut

Get ready to look fancy and adorable look with these two endearing simple crisscross braids and pretty edgy fringes combed at the front.

The fringes add a funky element to the otherwise minimal braids. Don’t hesitate to add colorful mini-clips.

#10. Easy Bubble Ponytail

bubble ponytail for girls with long hair

Who is ready for some bubble effect? A little something between the plain ponytail and crisscross braids is a bubble ponytail. The long sleek hair looks voluminous and velvety once worked up in the multiple bubbles.

#11. Side French Bun

A French braid with a bun is a great hairstyle for girls with long hair to try. It takes practice to master the art of making an irresistible French braid, but if you are just a beginner, try coiling it into a bun at the end. A real elegant milkmaid look!

#12. Fish Braid And Simple Braid

Recently popular trends have made it clear that iconoclast hairstyles always hit the top lists.

Girls looking to make a rebel statement shall take delight in carrying a simple braid on one side and a fish braid on the other. No wonder, it does look spunky.

#13. Top Cornrows With A Ponytail

Outdoor leisure times call for a vogue statement long hairstyle for girls. You don’t want to fix your long hair swirling around your face all the time. That’s when you opt for a very simple but elegant hairstyle like cornrows with a ponytail.

#14. Half Loop Knots

The month of prom, homecoming and alumni dinners is full of hustle and bustle. Girls spend hours deciding their outfits, makeup, accessories, and most importantly, hairdo.

Take a gander at this chic knotted hairstyle; easy, and a complete knockout for special events at school.

#15. Two-Mix Braids

hairstyles for girls with long hair

You can finally enter the princess world. It’s a two-in-one style, girls. The classic braid followed by the fishtail braid looks magical. All school-going girls with long hair can adopt this cute flawless look.

#16. Side Pull Through Braids

Tangled hair looks sensual, and beguiling, and suits every outfit, no matter casual or formal. While recreating side pull-through braids, make sure you loosen them up, and make them look unkempt and tousled.

#17. Cornrow Lemonade Braid

Another hairstyle perfect for girls with long hair is Beyoncé-inspired lemonade braids.

This hairstyle looks cute on teenage black girls the most. It does take a lot of time in making, but the wait is worth it.  Embellish the front braids with beads or glitter bands!

#18. Hairband Trick Style

Who is ready to make use of some hair bands? If you’re looking for an effortless yet awe-inspiring girly long hairstyle, then you’ve found an ideal one.

Divide your hair from the center, and simply tie two hair bands at an equal level on each side. It wouldn’t even take a full minute, and you’ll be done.

#19. Two Strands Twisted Hair

Hairstyles are never just about the tools; bobby pins and elastic bands. They are about creativity! This long hairstyle for girls is one example.

Make two sections of your hair, make 4 twisted braids; two on each side (refer to the picture). Wrap them into one low ponytail.

Trendy Twisted Hairstyles for Little Girls

#20. Rainbow Balayage In Waves

long rainbow balayage hairstyles for girls

The feeling when you see your long hair cascade down in multiple color tones is the best one. Young girls fearlessly accept the trends.

Take the essence to the next level, get rainbow balayage done, add waves using a curling iron and flaunt off those beautiful long hair.

#21. Double Braids with Double Buns

It is never that easy to decide a divine hairstyle for long hair girl on a special day. This coarse hairstyle only looks intricate but is super easy to make. Divide your hair in the middle part, make two braids and then tie them into buns at the end.

#22. Double Messy Buns

An everyday casual long hairstyle would be tying up two sweet messy buns one on top of the other. Keep it scrambled, looks more endearing that way. It’s the easiest hairstyle to manage.

#23. Bubble Braid +Chinese Ladder Braid

Girls love nothing more than new hairstyles. Here’s a famous Chinese staircase braided hairstyle for long haired girls.

Add more spark to your hair by making three loose bubble braids (one on each side, and one on the top). Curl the ends of your hair for a shambolic finish.

#24. Lemonade Box Braids

lemonade braids for girls with long hair

Lemonade braids look more than just fine on long hair. You can’t beat the great look.

These miniaturized scale braids highlight conventional cornrows with long bolts cleared to the other side. This unpretentious style doesn’t get old.

Popular Box Braids Styles for Little Girls

#25. Muddled Curly Hair for Girls

long curly hairstyles for girls

Here’s an absolute long hairdo for girls of all ages. All it takes is waving the hair into smooth big curls. Leave a few strands behind on the forehead and make a braid towards one side.

It beyond any doubt is tiring to style long hair! Yet, often the mothers get to make the hair of their girls. Experiencing this push to style a little girl’s hair is worth how glad and adorable she will appear towards the end.

After all, they deserve all the pampering and styling deets. Try out the long hairstyle for girls you totally adore and give a shot to the other ones too. A new look for a new day!