30 Braided Hairstyles for Girls (2024’s Most Popular)

Braids for girls offer a wide variety of looks, from the most classic to the most edge-cutting. Some of them are simple and easy to achieve within minutes, perfect the little lady who is always on the go.

Others are a fabulous display that may require time and technique but will not fail to impress even for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

No matter which way you lean, you can rest assured that braided hairstyles adapt wonderfully to different hair types and length, making them a versatile hairdo accessible to all.


Lovely Braid Styles for Girls

Whether you are planning for prom or the next soccer game, if you only have a couple of minutes to get your daughter styled up or she has no issues sitting on a chair for hours, there is a braided hairstyle perfect for your girl.

Here is a selection of some of our favorites!

1. Side Braided Bun for Girls

side braid with bun for girls

The big braids come from the sides, leaving the central portion of the hair in an updo. At the back, they come together in a low, big, messy bun.

For a more relaxed look, you can pull out ends of hair from the bun, as well as some at the front.


2. Extra-long fishtail

long fishtail braid hairstyles for girls

Braiding the entire hair in a fishtail might be a challenge, but the girls who have extremely long hair, this braids is perfect. The fishtail braid will give you a look of a mermaid.

The fishtail starts on the side, goes over the head right to the other side and over the shoulder.


3. Hidden Braid in a Bob

side braided bob hair for girls

Each short bob can be beautified with adding a side, hidden braid. Instead of wearing the bob on a part, with this braid, you can easily pull the hair back – sleek and voluminous.

The braid will still be visible, but you will get a new fresh look of your bob.

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4. Reverse Braids and Buns

reverse braided hairstyles with bun for girls

Doing braids at the back of the head is a cool look that can be easily done. Lean forward, with your hair falling almost to the ground. Separate it on just in the middle.

From each half, use a small portion of hair and make a braid. The braid and the rest of the hair roll them up in a top bun.


5. French Braid Turned to Fishtail

braided hairstyles for girls

Wearing two different types of braids is possible with long hair. This braids style for girls presents just that – the hair is parted in the middle.

The look starts with a regular French braid, and as it reaches the neck, continues with a fishtail.


6. Braids in All Sizes

Creative an interesting look can be done with the whole hair braided. There are small, medium and big braids, all coming up in one look.

The small ones come on the front, then come to the middle ones and the back portion of the hair is braided in big braids.


7. Huge Bun and a Central Braid

For this braided hairstyle, pull your entire hair up. At the back, leave a medium-large portion and create a braid. It should be positioned just where the middle part is.

Blend the finish of the braid into the huge and voluminous ballerina bun.


8. Creative Braids on Layered Hair

This is a look that you will hardly manage to get it done at home, but its beauty lies in the side braiding.

One side is done in very small and tiny braids that together create two parallel and unfinished circles. The rest of the hair is let down, layered and with sharp ends.

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9. Big Front Braid with an Accessory

The braid starts on the side, with the front portion of the hair. As it moves around the face to create a crown, it does not end on the back.

The rest of the hair is pulled front towards the braid and it goes over the shoulder. As an accessory, adding a colorful strand will make it look more unique.


10. Braids Wraps and Pony

braids with ponytail styles for girls

This is a complex braided hairstyle for girls that involves a pony, side parts, loose ends, and wraps. Hairbands and hairpins are necessary and you can play with the various styling options.


11. Crown and a Bow

If you want to have a hairstyle like from a fairytale, this is the one that will do so. From the side parts, the hair is braided in an unfinished circle.

The top portion is also braided in a second regular braid and it all finishes up in a big bow.


12. Interlocking Braids and Buns

Parted just in the middle, each portion is braided up until the middle of the head.

There, right on the middle, the braids change direction and move to the other side. They finish in braided top buns.


13. Braid Rows

Just like cornrows, the entire hair is braided from top to bottom, in small braids, divided by clean lines.

The braids together are wrapped up in a low pony.This is perfect braided hairdo for school girls.


14. Side Braiding Bun

Side braiding is a much more interesting hairstyle choice for girls than the regular braiding. When the braid ends in a bun, the look is super cool and fancy.


15. Mermaid Braid

mermaid braided hairstyles for girls

From the color to the braid itself, this is a hairstyle that will catch eyes and instantly turn you into a modern-day mermaid.


16. Pull-through Braid

For this girly braids, you will need a few hair bands. Pull the entire hair in a sleek top pony. Braid the tail into a creative way.

Add the hair bands onto the tail, which will make it look interrupted. With your fingers, make the braid wide and messy.


17. Braid Net

For the long, let down hair, the side braids looking like a net will create a beautiful contrast for girls. At the back, in the middle, the braids end in a hairy flower.


18. Neck Fade Artistry and Braids

Adding a purple color to your hair, as well as doing an artistic neck fade is a huge game-changer in the regular hair look.

When all that combines with long braids and atop braid bun – the look you will get is quite extraordinary.

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19. Braid Over Fade

As the name suggests, the braid comes right over the high short fade. The rest of the hair is long, styled to side with soft waves.


20. Loose Frontal Braid

frontal braid hairstyles for girls

This is a look that you will have to know how to wear it so that you can flaunt it. The entire hair is loose, unfixed and the braid is done on the front.

It is also loose, falling over the forehead, and moving onto the next side shoulder.


21. Red Cornrow Braids for Girls

Coloring the hair red and braiding it all the way from top to bottom will give you 2 things – unique look and hairstyle that preserves the color.

With the red braids, fading of the color will be almost invisible. Each time you want to spice up the look, make two half-up braid buns.


22. Green Braids

The green hair can become even more attractive it is braided. Do the braiding with separating the hair in 4 quadrants.

All the braids are unfinished and end up together in a short pony. This is a cool braided hairstyles for girls with medium hair.


23. Sparkly Braid

For wedding and similar official events, every braid can be made even more elegant with the addition of hair sparkles and shiny accessories.

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24. Country Girl Hairstyle

The low crown is wide and thick. It starts from both sides, goes all the way back where both braids meet, interlock and finish in a hidden end.


25. Straight Bangs with Curly Pony

top braided hairstyles with bangs for girls

This braids for girls presents 3 different hair stylings. The bangs are long, straight and sleek, separated from the top hair.

The top is braided in different small braids that are undone. All of the braids together finish in a long curly ponytail.


26. Half Crown with Long Hair

Just like the regular crown, this crown is done in the same way, with the main difference that it does not include the entire hair. The lower part is let down, curled and free.


27. Waves and Side Braids

Waves and braids go together very well. With a central middle part, the braids start on the top. They are wide, messy and a bit lose. They fall over the sides to the hair and blend with the wavy hair.


28. Hair Rings

This daring braids might be too bold for girls, but it is definitely cool and unique. The braids are the central piece in this style.

However, what catches the eye more than the braids itself are the hair rings. These rings are hair accessories that are used to make the girls hairstyle more beautiful and interesting.

Positioned in different parts of the braids, the rings will keep the braid straight. Put together in a pony, the braids and the rings will mix and make a unique look.


29. Central Braids with a High Pony

central braids with high ponytail for girls

This is an easy and cool braids style for girls. There are two braids, one at the back and on the front. Both of them are positioned right in the center.

As the two braids come together on the top, they blend into a pony. The sides are super sleek and the pony long and straight.


30. Triple Braiding

triple braided hairstyles for girls

The three braids come together in one hairstyle but each one of them is individual. The entire hair is parted in three equal parts, with clear sidelines between each part.

The braids start from the top and go to the end. They are all separate. There is one in the middle and two to the sides.


Not only are the braids stylish, but they are also a very convenient way to keep long locks out of your girl’s eyes, whether she is playing sports or studying.

Check these braids styles and help your daughter to maintain a luscious mane while running around freely!