Flower Girl Hairstyles: 25 Ideas to Slay Weddings

It is almost the Big Day! While everybody else’s eyes will be fixed on the glowing bride walking down the aisle, yours will surely be upon the little silhouette preceding her, the flower girl, your daughter…

Although the choice of the dress might be out of your control and match the rest of the wedding party, but you do have a say on your flower girl hairstyle.

After all, it is one of the first occasions your daughter will have to get all dolled up and be assisted by a professional hairdresser. Are you feeling a little emotional thinking about what the future holds, from proms to, even, romantic visions of her own wedding day?

Nobody will certainly blame you for it. After all, the numerous pictures that will be taken on this day will most likely become a cherished treasure for generations to come.


Amazing Hairstyles for Flower Girls

Romantic, classic, edgy or natural, there are so many hairstyle ideas for flower girls to choose from.

Don’t forget to ask the bride’s opinion before making any decision: she certainly has a very definite idea on what kind of vibe she may want to convey on her wedding day.

It is also likely that she has a particular accessory in mind to include in your little princess’ hairstyle, like a flower crown or a headpiece for example.

1. Braided Crown

braided crown style for flower girls

The braided crown is the most perfect hairstyle for a flower girl. The resemblance between a flower crown and the braided crown is very similar.

There are two versions of the crown that are suitable for the flower girl duty: full crown and half-crown.

Full crown presents a hairstyle where the entire hair is braided in a round circle and the flower crown comes on top of it.

The half-crown in only situated at the back and the hair is braided there. Like a beautiful contrast, the flower crown comes parallel opposite of the braided crown.

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2. Flower Crown on A French Braid

braid hairstyles for flower girls

The French braid is a common and usual hairstyle that little girls like. Upgrading this look for a flower girl can be done by adding a flower crown.

The entire hair is braided in a regular French braid, positioned centrally on the head. The flower crown comes with an additional piece that hangs from the crown in the length of the braid.


3. Cute Locks with Flowery Branch

cute flower girl hairstyles

Little girls who have bob cut can add flowery details by curling the hair. The soft curls will create a cute look.

With two small strands of hair taken from both the sides and fastened at the back, the look will be very girlish and that is the place to stick the flowery details.


4. Side Braid in A Low Bun

flower girl hairstyles

Another little flower girl hairstyle with long hair is the side braid in a low bun. He long hair is parted on the side, and the braid is present only on one side.

It starts from the front, goes all the way back. With the rest of the hair from the other side, it finishes in a low bun. The flower accessories are added just above the bun.


5. Long Locks

flower girl with long wavy hair

The long hair looks very nice when it is curled on the ends. Parted on the middle, this hairstyle is popular and trendy for all ages.

It is also a perfect base for wearing a flower crown. The position of the flower crown can be at the front, falling over the forehead, or a little bit back, on the top of the head.

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6. Top Bun

Pulling the hair up in a bun will keep the hair away from the face of the little flower girl.

The top buns are a pretty regular hairstyle and they can be beautified with the addition on some flowery details or accessories that have flowers on it.


7. Half Up Updo with Long Locks

The hairstyle of the ancient women can be copied. The long hair is curled in long loose curls. The upper part is pulled back in a half up the wrap, while the rest of the locks are let down freely.

The hair is separated by a middle part, and the bangs are moved to the side. The addition of a flowery band will come as an appropriate accessory.

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8. Top Wrap with Side Bangs

Styling the long locks and the side bangs for the cute little flower girl is easy. Pull a strand of hair at the top, wrap it and fix it with a pin at the back. Decorate the wrap with some flowery hair accessories or real flowers.


9. Back Braid with A Top Bun

Braiding the hair at the back is done in a reverse position, which means that you need to let the hair fall over.

Braiding is central and it finishes in a huge ballerina bun. The flower decorations come on the top of the bun, or they can come as a crown around the head.


10. Half-Up Bun

flower girl hairstyles for weddings

The half-up low bun is a cute wedding hairstyle for flower girls that keeps the front part of the hair away from the face, and the lower part is let freely. Any flowery details can be added such as a headband of a natural flower.


11. Side Flower with Bow

The accessories for a black flower girl hairstyle can include a piece like a bow, besides the regular flower detail.

If the hair is naturally long and curly, the look can be managed by doing small side braids, that all together with the rest of the hair can be wrapped up in a creative top.

The top is separated into parts that will look like ropes. The accessory is placed on the side.


12. Just A Flower Crown

A big, dominant and colorful flower crown is more than enough to complete the plain regular let down hair. This simple hairdo will make the small flower girl look natural and beautiful.

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13. Space Buns

The two buns on top of the head come equally positioned and divided by a middle part. The bangs come over the forehead. The accessories are added on both of the buns.


14. Small Details and Color

Girl love painted color, so the washable paint is perfect if you want to change the look. The hair is braided in a middle French braid, and tiny flowers are put through the entire braid.


15. Zig Zag Braids

flower girl with braided bun

Flowers and braids are proved combination. Two braids on top are interlocking and finish in a low messy bun. The flower details are stuck in the bun.


16. Side Braid and Licks to The Side

This flower girl hairstyle for weddings does not involve any additional accessories. The hair is parted on the side.

A small braid starts from one side and goes all over to the other side. Together with the rest of the curly hair, it is styled to the side, over the shoulder.


17. Cornrows for Girls

The natural afro hair is parted in the middle from where tiny cornrow braids begin.

They are unfinished and continue in separate ponytails. Each pony has colorful accessories added on its length to make them look more beautiful and unique.

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18. Blunt Bangs and Floral Crown

Blunt cut bangs and short curly hair create a look perfect for flower girls with a voluminous floral crown.

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19. Girl’s Curly Hair + Headband

The long naturally curly hair is best left in its natural look and adding a headband will only contribute for a better look.


20. Exquisite Flowery Details

flower girl with long hair

The elasticized band with natural flowers on it or a regular headband that has a variety of flowery details will dominate the look of the little flower girl. The hair can be parted in the middle, without any special treatment.


21. French Braid and A Fishtail

The beauty of the braids is undeniable, especially if the two types are combined together. The hair is pulled back, with regular French braids coming to the side.

At the back, they all together with the rest of the hair finish in a large fishtail. The flowery details are subtle throughout the braids.


22. Little Girl’s Updo + Double Braid

When the one crown seems too plain or not enough, there is always the option of double braiding and creating a wider and bigger crown.

The look is just fabulous and only one strand pulled out at the front will make the hairstyle for flower girls charming and unique.


23. Hair Accessories on Point

This hairstyle is a combination of creative front braids alongside dominant and big hair accessories.


24. Braided Bun with Flower Crown

cute bun hairstyles for flower girls

Parting the hair just in the middle leaves the option of side braiding that can end in a rolled braided bun. The addition of a flower crown is a big plus and presents an ancient hairdo for flower girls.


25. Simple Braids for Little Girls

flower girl with braided hair

The regular two braids to the sides and little flowers and pearls added through the whole braids upgrade the well-known look and make it elegant and suitable for different occasions.


Although very elaborate hairdos can look attractive, don’t forget that your little one may have to sit still for a long time to achieve the desired look. Without further ado, here are some of our favorite flower girl hairstyles.