50 Flower Child Quotes to Celebrate Mother Nature with

Flower child quotes are probably what you will like if you are one. Flower children are carefree and wild, unlike those that live in the normal hustle and bustle of life. If you are a flower child yourself, you will surely find yourself relating to these quotes!

When you read the following flower child quotes, remember that you are not alone. Flower childs are hard to come by, but you know that those who are living carefree as one will be cheerfully living life in their own way. Indeed, these flower childs are precious.

In a world burdened by responsibilities, dream-chasing and endless work, it is these flower childs that will remind us to take in all that Mother Nature has to offer us. After all, what could be better than being in Her embrace, surrounded by beautiful wildflowers and bathing in the gentle glow of the evening sunlight?

We hope that after you read the flower child quotes that we have here, you will put down your electronic devices and head out. Take care of nature’s offerings around you. Love the little flowers, the blades of grass and the trees that loom over you, providing you with a natural shade to cover your little head.

Live on and dream on, flower child. The world is yours to explore! But meanwhile, let’s take a few moments and read the following flower child quotes.

1. Find the flower child within you and celebrate her beauty, her grace and the peace she radiates.


2.  We’re called flower child for a reason – to love and show beauty in the world, even when everything is cruel and unforgiving.


3. Everyone is a different flower – each with its own unique appearances. Even so, when all flower children come together, we will create a garden.


4. Know that you are my precious flower child, and I hope to stay as your forget-me-not.


5. She’s a flower child, a moon flower. She blooms only at night when no one else could see her true light.


6.  You carry flowers in your hair, and peaceful grace within your heart.


7. You will never know a flower child just from looking at her. Her heart grows a secret garden, which you can only see beyond the high walls around it.


8. I’d much rather have flowers wrapped around my hair than having diamonds around my neck.


9. Hush, flower child, don’t give in to the snark remarks. Flowers grow back after they are stepped on, and so will you.


10.  I was a hippie, that much is true. Even if now I am not, I remain a flower child.


11. The world needs more flowers to grow colorful gardens. Among the garden, you are the most beautiful one, radiating the positive vibes that you do.


12. You are a beautiful wildflower, meant to belong anywhere you feel free. So, be free my wildflower, and embrace the love that the world gives you.


13. The gardens are like the earth, the sun and the air – the wildflowers belong to everyone, and also no one.


14.  Oh my dear flower child, be sure that your soul is always shining as much as your hair is blowing in the wind, and your heart always giving.


15. Love the smell of earth, and how the waves go over the sand at the beach. Love the taste of fruits, and how the trees sway in the wind. Love everything around you and be loved.


16. My heart is a child of the Moon, and I am raised by the Sun. I walk in a world touched by Stars and look upwards to see a sky drawn with wildflowers.


17.  Just like a wildflower, she spent her days growing even while no one knew her struggles. Eventually, they see her beauty.


18. You may be just one person, but to a flower child, you are so much more than that. You are the entire world.


19. Live wild like a flower child, and embrace the simpler values that can make the world a better place.


20. Be a flower child. Reject the conventional social values. Give love, give peace, and give the world your wildflower love.


21. I don’t want to be a normal child. I want to grow as a happy flower child, freely and with love and peace.


22. You might not be able to decide the circumstances in which you were born, but you can choose how you grow up.


23. Dig deep into your spirit and you will find the spark that once brought you joy. Touch just another person with what you do, and you will bring joy to them as well.


24. Go on your journey, and discover all that is still undiscovered. Discard your ego, free your hair, and explore the new realms of life that it has to offer you.


25. I’d rather have a wildflower from you than to receive a million golden roses from someone else.


26. Be like a sunflower. Stand tall even in the darkest of days, and find the sunlight within to share.


27. In the eyes of a flower child, you will see the world just as it should be.


28. She’s dressed like flowers, with rubies on her fingers and tiny bells upon her ankles. She’s the most beautiful thing that you will ever see.


29. Let us dance in the sun with wildflowers in our hair. Let us huddle together as our darkness takes over. Let us make a home amidst all that nature, for we are nature’s children.


30. When a flower does not bloom as it should, seek what’s lacking in the environment instead of the flower. Put a flower with the right environment, and it shall blossom beautifully.


31. You soul and your spirit will never age. It’s hiding within you, happily skipping away waiting for you to find it again.



32. Someone told me that there’s a girl out there – love in her eyes, flowers in her hair. I’ve never thought that I’d find her right here with me.


33.  Why fit into the rest of the garden when you were born to stand out?



34. She was tired of trying to fit her star-shaped self into the society’s square holes. She embraced her nature, and shone like the supernova that she was meant to be.


35.  She has no religion, no God to believe in. Her faith lies within the stars, the sun, the earth and the ocean.


36.  Even if you are the hardest flower to get, I will always pick you – the prettiest flower there will ever be.


37.  Listen to whatever it is that stirs you deep within your soul. Everything else is just noise that you should ignore.



38.  Happiness blooms from within for all flower children. Be happy, and you will bloom as a garden all on your own.


39.  Look at a field of dandelions. Do you see a field of weeds, or do you see a field of wishes? A flower child only sees the best in everything around her.


40.  She’s someone’s baby, someone’s child. She might look like a lady but she knows that she’s just a flower grown wild.


41. When and where would Earth’s beauty be shown without a flower child? Children as innocent and carefree, the perfect models to show how beautiful nature can be.

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42. Flower children are carefree and in tune with nature. The cities can keep moving on with their busy routines, but a flower child knows where her heart and priorities should be at.


43. A flower child shows the best in the world – mother nature’s offerings, the simple happiness and joy in life. There should always be a flower child in a family.


44. How lucky are the families with a flower child among their members – how else would the family members remember the simple joy and beauties in the world without them?


45. A flower child will always love everyone and everything whatever nature they might have. They are pure, trusting and loving – a rare trait in this modern world.

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46. You will know a flower child when you see one. Some might call them hippies, but you will certainly know by the way they carry themselves, free of worldly worries.


47. How amazing it must be to live like a flower child, to appreciate and love every simple pleasure that is presented to them.


48. A flower child may not be accepted by everyone, but it will suffice just to have another flower child as a companion. What better than to have someone else who is just as you are?


49. When you are a flower child, you do not flow with the worldly concerns or worries. You know that the others are not living as naturally as they should, and you continue to abide by your own principles.

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50. A flower child is lucky – they are able to see past the stressful events in life and see the beauty in it instead. That’s for the better – isn’t the beauty what that matters most?

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We hope that you have found the flower child quotes relatable – enough that you would share it with your friends and family! Who knows, they might turn out to be the next flower child that you know.