39 Fat Baby Memes That’ll Have You Laughing To Your Grave

If you’re here looking for fat baby memes, our gut feeling tells us that you will also love our collection of memes about fat kids. However, these two meme collections are different! Fat kids have had some time to grow fat as they were raised by their parents, and some fat babies were just born really plump and get fattened up fast.

Amusing Fat Baby Memes

Let’s not forget that memes are an integral part of our lives now, and we can all find joy and laughter through memes, especially when there are fat baby memes involved! There’s just something so comical about fat babies that memes about them are nothing less than funny. These fat kids memes are also funny and you should have a look at that list too.

Are you thinking of anyone when you were searching for memes about fat babies? We sure hope that you are going to see a meme or two that relates well with the person that these memes are for! Now, let’s take a look at the following fat baby memes and laugh on!

1. Everyone Is Going to The Gym And I Am Just Sitting Here Like…

laughable fat baby memes

2. Just Called to Say Happy Birthday. BTW… Ate Your Cake!

famous memes about fat baby

3. When You Waitin for Her to Call Back.

best memes for fat baby

4. How Much Food Do You Want? How Much Food Do You Have?

memes regarding fat baby

5. Hello………. McDonald’s? I’m Missing Like 3 Fries!

fat baby funny memes

6. I Love You More Than A Fat Kid Loves Cake!

7. And I’m Saving All My Love for Your Birthday Cake Tonight!

8. I Don’t Wanna Swim That’s Exercise.

9. I Love My Phone Because I Can Order Pizza.

10. Aww Shit I Ate My Desk Again!

11. Why Did I Eat So Much Food?

12. Yes I’m Fat! Because My Mom Makes Tasty Food.

13. Obesity? Can I Have Fries With That?

14. Yes I’m Fat But Cute!

15. How Fat Kida Act When They Hear “Free Tacos!”

16. If You Call Me Fat Again.. I’ll Eat You TOO!!!

17. What Happend?! I Blacked Out. All I Remember Was Saying I’ll Try A Little Piece.

18. I’m A Winner And You’re Fat!

19. Touch My Cake And I Will Cut You!

20. Food Is My Life!!

Funny Fat Baby Memes

If you are one of those people whose sense of humor centers around laughing at really fat babies, you are going to love these memes about fat babies that we have compiled for you. It might be inappropriate or even considered rude for some parents when you laugh at their baby or call them fat, but in the safe comforts of your own home, laughing at fat baby memes are completely fine. If the parents of a fat baby also have a good sense of humor, you can even consider sharing these memes about fat babies to them so that they can have a good laugh too! Well, that is unless you are the parent of the fat baby, or if you yourself were a fat baby when you were young!

21. Waitress Can I Eat This Too?

22. I’m Not Fat I’m Fluffy.

cute fat baby memes

23. When You Realize You Over Did It on The Holidays!

24. Happy Birthday…. Where’s The Cake?

25. “Oh Dammmmmmmmmmmn, It’s Your Birthday!” ” So… Will There Be Cake?”

26. I’m Not Fat! Just Retaining Water.

27. LOL I’m Batman.

28. Eating Watermelon Like A BOSS!

29. Your Pancake? I Ate It!

30. I Have Been Lied To! McDonald’s Isn’t Healthy!

31. Happy Birthday Kelly. I’m Going To Eat you And Your Cake.

32. They Saw Me Rollin I Ate Them.

fat baby memes for fun

33. Mom, Can I Eat This Kid?

34. Mom: You Are So Pretty, in A Couple Years All The Girls Are Gonna Fight For You!

35. I’m Not Fat. It’s Food Reserves in Case A Hurricane Hits!

36. What??? Eating Fat = Weight Loss??!!!!

37. When The Delivery Guy Arrives With Your Food!

38. Trust Me, I’m Not Fat. My Wight Is Just Adorable!

39. Brownies LOL I Eat Them All.

fat baby meme to laugh

So, were you happy with the fat baby memes that we have compiled for you? These memes about really fat babies are not very easy to come by, so we hope that you have enjoyed them enough to share them around with your friends and family! Remember to share them with the fattest baby that you know!