37 Most Popular Family Feud Questions That Kids Can Answer

Family feud for kids is a good way to include your children in the game, you just need to make sure that you use appropriate family feud questions for kids. Family feud is a really popular game, and it can be fun for families to play on their own in their home.

However, some of the family feud questions may be a little difficult for kids to understand or to answer.  Because they are geared so that kids can easily come up with an answer, no kid will feel put on the spot or like they don’t know how to answer the question.


Some Family Feud Game Questions for Children

1. Name foods that kids won’t ever turn down for dinner.

family feud questions for kids


2. What’s something that most kids take with them into the bathtub?


3. What’s something that you can find under the bed of most children?


4. Name a favorite activity that you can enjoy when it’s raining and you can’t go out and play.


5. What’s the perfect pet that you could keep in your room without anyone knowing?

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6. Where is the best place to go out to dinner with friends?


7. What’s your favorite thing to eat for a snack when your parents aren’t looking?


8. What’s the most popular word that you say during the day?

family feud questions for kids


9. How can you make your parents happy enough to give you an extra allowance?


10. What’s a kid’s least favorite chore that they have to do?


11. What do most kids like to do when they get home from school?


12. How can you handle dealing with eating your vegetables when you really don’t want to?


13. What’s the most popular color of kids your age?


14. Where do kids like to hide when they want to escape from family?


15. Can you name a popular drink that kids love?


16. What do kids like to do before they go to bed?


17. What’s the one thing that will make you happy to get out of bed in the morning?

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18. What’s the best pet that a kid could ask for?


19. What’s the best season of the year?


20. How can a kid be sure that they will get to enjoy dessert after dinner?


21. What’s the most comfortable thing to wear in the summer?


22. Where is the top vacation destination for a large family?


23. What’s the best animal in the zoo?


24. What is a great way to make sure that you get to sleep in on Saturday?


25. What’s the best cartoon to watch on the weekends?


26. What’s the worst vegetable that you can see on your plate at dinner?


27. If there has to be a relative over for dinner, who do you want it to be?


28. When you go to visit your parents at the office, what can you do to keep from being bored?


29. What’s the best way to spend time on a long road trip?

family feud questions for kids


30. How can you keep yourself entertained while mom is on the phone?


31. What’s the one snack that you can make yourself?

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32. Where is the best place to hide a secret item?


33. What’s the one thing that you must take on a road trip?


34. Where is your favorite place to grab a hamburger for dinner?


35. How do you keep from getting in trouble during dinner?


36. What’s the best way to spend a summer day?


37. How can you be sure that you are allowed to play outside with friends?


These fun family feud game questions for kids are sure to keep your kids guessing and will likely make family feud questions your new favorite game!

They’re appropriate for kids of all ages, which makes them great for larger families who need to cater to wide age ranges. If you try them out at your next game night, then you are sure to have a blast.