40 Amusing Drunk Baby Memes That’ll Make You Laugh Out Loud

Our drunk baby memes do not consist of babies who are actually drunk – it’s just a graphical representation! While these babies are portrayed with alcohol next to them, you can rest assured knowing that these babies did not actually ingest any alcohol. Let’s see some really funny drunk baby memes!


Funny Drunk Baby Memes

Well, these babies might not have drunk any of these booze, but they sure look like they did! Snap a photo at the right moment and you would have yourself some babies that look as if they are half-asleep dozing off from booze. Doesn’t that remind you of someone you know? Perhaps a friend, a family member or even you yourself?

Some of these babies below look simply enthusiastic to have a night out with friends, binging on alcohol knowing well enough that they are going to regret it the next day. These would be perfect to send to your friends when you are planning another drinking night soon!

This is why we would fully recommend you to save some of these drunk baby memes inside your phone. Feel free to bookmark this page later on as well to show these memes your friends in person! But for now, let’s just enjoy browsing through our selection of drunk baby memes.

1. Ok, Two More Then I Really Gotta Go.

funny drunk baby memes


2. Don’t Carry Me. I Can Walk To My Crib Just Fine.

memes for drunk baby


3. Got Drunk Last Night. Didn’t Eat All The Food In My House.

popular memes about drunk baby


4.  I Swear Officer, I’m Not Drunk

Hysterical drunk baby memes


5.  Ok Guys…Who’s Ready To Party!

Memes about drunk baby


6. It’s New Year’s Eve Bitch. So Pass Me That Bottle.


7. After This Bottle I Am Going To Need A Ride To My Crib.


8. Hey Man, You Seen My Hat?

9.  When I’m Drunk And Someone Tries To Have A Serious Conversation With Me.

10. Then She Said ”I Think You Have Had Enough.” I Told Her “Woman, I Will Stop When I Am Good And Ready.”


11. The Last Thing I Remember… Is Finishing The Bottle.


12. Drunk In Love…I’ve Been Drinkin’ Watermelon.


13. Guys! I Think I’ve Had Enough.


14. I’ll Be Home Early.


15. I Drunk A Bottle At The Milk Factory Called Hormones…What Does That Mean?


16. Everyone Is Sleeping. Now It’s Time To Drink.


17. Me Trying Desperately To Focus My Eyes To Type & Send That Perfect Drunk Text I Know That I’ll Regret Tomorrow.


18. Officer, I Swear I Had Only 2 Bottles.


19. I’m Not Done Yet, I Had Only 2 Bottles.


20. I Don’t Know What You’re Putting In These Bottles, But Keep Them Coming’.


21. When My Friends Ask If I Want To Get Drunk.


22. I Don’t Even Know How I Got Back To My Crib Last Night.


23. No Beer? For 21 Years?


24. I’m Not Drunk. You’re Just Blurry.

funny drunk baby memes


25. Drunk Baby Coming in on My Turf? I Want HisGradle Rocked off The Treetop, You Hear Me?


26. It’s My Birthday Today. You Can’t Stop Me from Drinking!


27. It’s Okay, Bro! You’ll Get to Drink Again.


28. I Want One Beer for Tonight.



29. You Wanna Say I’ll Drink Here???


30. Let’s Have A Drink Tonight… What Say??


31. Hey, Dude.. Bring Me Another Drink Pls…


32. Why Can’t I Drink Beer?? This Is So Unfair…

hilarious memes about drunk baby


33. No Officer, I Cannot Step Out of The Car I Can Barely Walk As It Is.


34. Twinkle, Twinkle. Yeah, You Know What That Songs About, Right?


35. Thought I Only Had One Beer Left. Two Left.


36. Oh God!! I Can’t Decide Whether I Should Drink Milk Or Beer..


37. Why I Have to Prove That, I Didn’t Drink Today!


38. Hey Bro!!! This Is Really Good!!! Thanks for Inviting Me!!! And That’s My Younger Brother!!!


39. I Love You Mom No Really I Mean It!

Cute drunk baby memes


40. You Mean to Tell Me That Drink Belongs to Someone Else And Not Him?

famous drunk baby memes


While you were browsing through the memes above, did you find any drunk baby memes that you can relate to? We sure hope you did! Remember to share these memes with your friends and family – especially those who love booze a lot!

These memes would surely remind them of their questionable drinking habits, but make them laugh at the same time – and that would be golden.