Don’t Mess With My Kids: 25 Unique Quotes for the Protective Parent

Don’t mess with my kids quotes should be shared by all parents, in our opinion! Look, we understand how parents can be protective of their children. This is perfectly normal, and if anything, it’s a really welcomed trait to have among parents!

Children are young, pure and innocent among other traits. It’s part of the many reasons why children needs to be protected at all costs! Sometimes, when parents feel overprotective of their kids, they can’t help but to broadcast to the entire world, “Hey, don’t mess with my kids!”

Parents might feel such feelings more intensely when their first child leaves for kindergarten or to primary school. The parents might worry that their kids are being bullied in class or that they are not getting along too well with other children. This is why we have compiled a list of don’t mess with my kids quotes. We understand these parents’ protective behaviour, and want to let them know that it is understandable to feel this way!

When you read the following don’t mess with my kids quotes, we hope that you will be able to relate to these quotes. Better yet, you might be able to relate with the quotes enough to share them with your friends and family.

Surely this topic can be worth a good discussion, especially so among new parents who have just had their first kid! Whatever the case might be, we hope that you will enjoy reading these quotes and proudly tell the world to never, ever mess with your kids!


1.  I am a mother, a protector, a tigress and a warrior, and if you mess with my children, you’ll feel the consequences of my anger.


2.  I am a nice person in general, but if you ever mess with my kids, you will unleash a beast you never wanted to meet in the first place.


3.  Be wise enough to know that you should never mess with my children. Otherwise, I will not pick means to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.


4.  Have you ever seen a mama bear protecting her cubs from perpetrators? Be warned that if you ever mess with my children, I will be the angriest mama bear you have ever seen.


5.  I am class, sass and built to last. But, if you ever harm my children, I will hunt you down and show no mercy.


6.  Let me tell you something, and I hope you learn it by heart. If you ever try to mess with my kids, you’ll learn the definition of ‘Parents gone wild.’


7.  I am not the type of parent to watch her kids being hurt, and do nothing about it. In fact, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay away from my family for good.


8.  When it comes to my kids and their wellbeing, I will not be silenced, I will not be stopped, and I will never let you get away with hurting them.


9. I promise you one thing – you ever mess with my kids, I’ll make sure you’re living a personal hell for the rest of your days.


10. Let’s get one thing straight- I don’t believe in karma. You mess with my kids once, and you won’t live the day to speak about it.


11. Hurting people requires a very specific mindset. If you ever do anything against my children, I plan to develop that mindset.


12. Hurt me, and that’s a burden I’ll bear. Hurt my children, and you won’t know peace for the rest of your days.


13. You can hurt my kids, but it will be the last thing you ever do to my family. I promise I won’t know peace until you’ve been hurt the same way.


14. If it’s a crime to go feral in defense of your children, then consider me a criminal.


15. I’ll tear this world apart to take down any person who hurts my kids. If you think you’ll get away with messing with them, then think again.


16. There are certain things in life that make us all wish we were never born. I promise if you cause my children any harm, then you’ll make that wish.


17. The moment my children were born I became a warrior. I’ll fight for them forever.


18. The first time someone hurt my kids was the first time the world knew true fury. I will unleash that fury again if somebody wants to mess with my children.


19. Defending your loved ones takes a lot of effort. I’m willing to put in that effort to protect my children.


20. They say don’t fight fire with fire, but I’ve never believed in that. If you do something against my kids, I will retaliate, and you will regret every poor you’ve ever made that led to this moment.


21. I don’t care how long it takes. If you do anything to harm my kids, I will not rest until you feel the worst pain.


22. A good mother knows when to be silent and when to be loud. A great mother knows that she must be loudest when defending her kids from harm.


23. You can do anything you want against me. I don’t care. But if you hurt one hair on my children’s heads, then prepare to life a cursed life for the rest of your days.


24. There’s one thing you should know about me: I’m an angel until you hurt my kids. Then I’ll become the devil.


25. No obstacle is too large to stop me from getting back at somebody who has hurt my children.


Did you enjoy reading the don’t mess with my kids quotes that we compiled for you? If you did, remember to share them! You can even show your kids the quotes to let them know how you feel about them and how much you care for them. After all, who better to be protective of the kids than the parents themselves?