30 Child Abuse Quotes That Will Remind Us The Danger

Child abuse quotes shouldn’t exist in the first place, in our opinion. It’s such a sad fact that innocent children are being abused all over the world. Some of the perpetrators are never caught, leading to a child’s unfortunate demise.


Child Abuse Quotes

quotes on child abuse

The following quotes about child abuse will reflect the sad truth in our society – that child abuse still happens.

It’s important to remember that children are innocent and pure and that they need to be protected at all costs. After all, children are the pillars of the future. Shouldn’t they be raised with love and care to ensure that they too will be able to give the same to the world?

We hope that when you read the child abuse quotes below, you will remember to raise your own child with love and care and give more love to children who have gone through abusive experiences.


1. There is no greater inhumanity in the world than hurting or belittling a child.


2.  If you want to see the value of a nation, pay close attention to the way they (mis)treat children – for all children are pure, but not all adults are.


3.  A child should never suffer or be abused based on the fact that the responsible adult is ignorant or unable to take care of him.


4.  Such a pity – we have strong children to raise, yet many feel that abuse is fear are the only methods to do so.


5. No child should ever experience the feeling of terror, fear, and Let’s stay united in raising our children right, safe from any harm.


6.  It is every adult’s job to make sure that all children are raised surrounded by love and acceptance, instead of abuse and violence.


7.  Abused children will never have the chance to become what they could have been if they were raised in a loving environment. Let’s put an end to it now.


8.  Who else, if not our children, will shape the future? And who else, if not adults, will make sure to eradicate abuse once and for all?


9.  To harm or abuse an innocent child is an inexplicable crime and injustice on humanity. Here’s to hoping we are wiser and better from this day forward.


10.  Depriving children of a happy life by abusing or neglecting them is the worst impact on humankind ever.


Quotes About Child Abuse

There are many ways to discipline a child and ensure that they grow upright, but abusing them is not away. The child abuse quotes that we have provided in this page will remind you of that fact and many more, helping individuals around the world to understand that child abuse is simply not the right thing to do. This needs to be stopped before the matter gets out of hand. Read our post on quotes to build leadership skills.

11.  I can only hope that we’ll one day wake up in a better world, where children are no longer abused or mistreated.


12. Shame on us for allowing children abuse to still be an issue, even nowadays. And to think we are the most intelligent kind that ever existed!


13.  As a parent, you need to shield your children from physical and verbal abuse, and always stand in their defense, even if it means standing up to the world itself.


14.  How far did we actually come as humans, if we continue to allow children abuse? At times, you cannot help but wonder – did I do enough to prevent it?


15.  If we can live knowing that children abuse still exist, I don’t believe we are worthy as human beings, after all.


Child Sexual Abuse Quotes

Children who were loved and cared for while growing up will be able to be a better, more compassionate leader. As you can expect, a child that has been abused will face traumatic memories throughout their lives, affecting them so much that they will need plenty of professional help to recover.

16.  A world in which children are suffering in the name of mankind is not a world we should settle to live in.


17.  It goes without saying that no child should ever feel the terror and horror of broken families and deranged individuals. Let’s do better!


18.  The best thing we can do for our children is to love them, support them and keep them safe from harm and abuse. Anything other than that should be considered a failure.


19.  There is no greater sin than knowing children are abused every day, and we did nothing to stop it.


20. Any nation which allows children to suffer and be exploited should suffer the consequences of letting it happen.


21. What have the children done but to stay innocent and trusting even towards the most undeserving? Child abuse is child abuse – there is no excuse that can make it right.

child abuse quotes


22. Child abuse is the thing that proves us humans are not improving. We are only getting worse, and child abuse could be just the first sign.


23. It’s sad that child abuse happens, and how it often goes undetected. What could the parents be thinking to allow something so horrible to happen to their own children?


24. Alcohol, stress or anger management – none of these are acceptable excuses for child abuse. If you have done it, you are in the wrong. There will never be a right reason to abuse a child.


25. How can one live on as if nothing is wrong when they have abused a child? How can the perpetrator act like what they did was right? Try as we might, we will never understand how these individuals can carry on with their lives.

quotes about child abuse


26. A victim of child abuse will never live the same way after their traumatic experience. This is why someone who has abused a child should never be allowed to carry on with their lives like normal either.


27. A child is innocent – they still have plenty to learn and they still have plenty of space to grow. What could they have done to deserve what was done to them? The answer is – nothing. Nothing makes them deserve the abuse.


28. A child who has survived abuse will always remember the experience. Decades after, when the worst of it all has cleared, the memories will still haunt.


29. How can a child be at the receiving end of such abuse and neglect when it’s not their fault? Perpetrators who do this to their own children are unfit to become parents, or to even fit in the society.

child abuse quotes


30. If there were stricter regulations, stricter supervision, perhaps child abuse might not happen so often; yet it does, it happens everyday, like an unpreventable disease.

quotes on child abuse


If you want to raise more awareness about child abuse, sharing these child abuse quotes is one of the simplest and most effective methods! Remember to report any child abuse cases that you see near you to save the child. It is time to stop child abuse for once and for all.