11 Modish Spiky Hairstyles for Boys [2024]

Spiky haircuts are one of the coolest trends for boys which never goes old. No matter if your boy has short hair or a long one, some spikes can never go wrong.

The spikes have been a symbol of gentlemen who want to come off as confident and attractive. And this holds true for young boys too.


Coolest Spiky Haircuts for Boys

With so many hair colors, size and texture variations, a greater diversity of spikes has emerged. Here are 11 of the best boy’s spiky haircut ideas for you.

1. Two-Toned Spikes

two toned spiky haircuts for boys

Spikes add a fun side to the boys’ personality and it can do with extra charm too. The spikes here are twin colored and have such a nice look about them that you will love them.

The best thing about this Asian boy’s haircut is that it has fairly medium spikes, but the sides have a taper fade. This fade helps in balancing the haircut in a way that it seems perfect for all kinds of events too.


2. Yellow Spikes with Taper

boy's yellow spiky haircut

Boys love all the attention that they get, don’t they? For them, it is a way of increasing their self-esteem and giving their confidence a boost. These yellow spikes aim to do just that.

The spikes are short with hair at the sides and back of the head even shorter. The sides taper gradually to a minimum length and the resulting in an impressively cute spiky haircut for boys.

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3. Spiky Pomp + Undercut

spiky haircuts for boys

Spikes are undoubtedly fun and pompadours are endlessly classy. So, a combination of these two is something so great that all the boys want it.

This spiky half pomp has all the hair well gelled and combed into the pomp. The sides have tapered hair to make sure that the undercut in this boy’s hairstyle does not look overly pretentious.


4. Brush Over + Taper

brush over spiky haircuts for boys

Spikes do not have to be always neat and tidy. Rather there can be loose and gently teased spikes too which look spectacular.

These brushed over spikes have a light texture making them look air ruffled. This cute look is improved by the gradual taper making your boy look like a child star.

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5. Tapered Hair with High Spikes

spiky boy haircuts

This boy’s spiky haircut takes the idea of combining pomp with spikes to a whole new level. There is full high pomp with spikes which stand upright.

The spikes are long and surely hard to style every day. But a little time invested in them daily is going to make the boys so much more popular at school and among friends.


6. Shaggy Spikes

Shags are fun and have a messy feel about them which makes the mischievous kids look even cuter. This spiky shag has all the right feels of a shag which helps it grab everyone’s attention instantly.

The spikes are medium length and go perfectly with the trimmed sides. make sure to keep the hair at sides and back equal for a better effect.


7. Spiky Fohawk

This is a gentlemanly low faded hairstyle for the young lads who value tradition and class over everything. The spikes have the curved appearance of half pomp which stands proudly in their glory.

The spikes have a thorough brush over to loosen up the whole look. To complete this haircut in vintage style, give the sides a high fade and see well it looks.


8. Side Swept Spikes + Zigzag Design

Spikes are spikes whether they are upright or swept to a side. These spikes have a hard part which divides the hair into two sections.

This boy with medium length hair has spikes slightly tilted to a side. The other side has a low fade with a zigzag design. This is the best spiky haircuts for boys as it helps them look so good.


9. Side Part + Design

This one is quite unique and artistic as the spikes have more of a modern and imaginative appearance.

The side has a skin fade which complements the spikes and the widespread design. Even the back of the head has a skin fade making it so much more interesting and impressive.


10. Curved Spikes with Design

curved spiky haircut with design for boys

This is another cool variation of spiky hairdos for boys as it has the spikes curved around the edges. There is a uniquely patterned design which helps the high fade stand out more.

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11. Spiky Mohawk

twin colored spiky haircuts for boys

What fun are spiked hair if they do not have a bit of a character to them? This twin colored spiky mohawk has a whole personality of its own which helps boys to become the center of attention. The spikes are long and run even to the back of the head.


So, go through these spiky haircuts for boys and help your boy look best among all others!