15 Classy Emo Hairstyles for Boys

Emo boy haircuts are bold and bright, making the wearer seem a bit larger than life, as well as incredibly confident.

Boys who want to express themselves through their hair will want to consider emo hairstyles. These have been popular for a while, with more and more boys cutting their hair into this modern style.


Classic Boy’s Emo Hairstyles

Boys with emo hair who really want to stand out from the crowd will want to consider how they can add a personal touch to their style.

Emo hair for boys is already full of volume, but adding more spikes, longer layers, and bright pops of color are all great ways to personalize this style.

1. Lightly Grey

emo haircuts for boys

There’s no reason why an emo haircut has to be dark, although many boys do tend to prefer darker colors for their hair.

A light grey that is perfectly saturated and has a great light hue is a wonderful option for boys who want something lighter, but still eye-catching.

Longer bangs and longer neck help to complete this look and allow the gorgeous lavender color to really shine.

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2. Dark Purple Fringe

emo boy with dark purple hair

Adding a shocking dark purple around the face is a great way to add interest to an emo cut. Instead of just dyeing the tips, however, this emo hair boy style has all of the bangs dyed, which creates a huge area of purple.

The rest of the hair can be left black, which allows the purple to really stand out. Pulling bangs forward and over an eye completes the look.


3. Bleached Perfectly White

emo hair boy

Boys with emo hair who want something crisp and clean will love the way that their hair looks when they have bleached it completely white.

This look does require a lot of upkeep, as the bleach job has to be repeated on the roots on a regular basis. Soft layers cut into the hair give it a more touchable, as opposed to spiky and harsh, look.

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4. Spiky Blue and Black

guy with spiky emo hair

Spikes of blue and black add interest and a bit of shock value to this emo boy haircut. It’s very bold and full of drama, thanks to the shorter layers cut onto the top of the head.

These shorter layers can easily be spiked out from the head, which allows the boy wearing this cut to add as much volume as he wants with very little effort and product.


5. Messy Bowl Cut for Boys

emo boy hair

Pure black looks great on all guys, especially when the hair is pushed forward around the head and swoops over the eyes and across the face.

This is a very typical emo cut, but one that has staying power. The slightly shorter neck allows the boy wearing this style to stay cool during the hot summer months.


6. Untamed Lion’s Mane

There’s nothing boring about this emo hairstyle for teenage boys with long hair. The longer layers and the impressive yellows and oranges mixed with black give it the feeling of a lion’s mane.

Pulling the hair forward from the back of the head adds volume and interest to the cut. To really finish it off and make it a unique option, boys will want to consider covering an eye with their bangs.


7. Light Orange Hair with Side Part

As far as emo hairstyles for boys go, this one is relatively tame, making it great for boys who want to express themselves, but who don’t want to opt for very bright colors.

The slightly faded orange color looks almost natural, and parting the hair on the side allows the boy to easily see for class and sports. Longer bangs hang to the cheekbones for interest.


8. Lighter Bangs Swept Around the Face

Bangs that are bleached, while the rest of the hair is left a bit longer, add a bright pop of color and level of interest to this boy’s emo haircut.

The longer bangs contrast with the much shorter back and sides and are swept over the eyes and down to the side of the face. This creates a lot of visual movement in the cut without much work or styling.

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9. Dark Blue Floating Bangs

A great fade may not be a typical option for young guys with emo hair, but dyeing the bangs blue and sweeping them up and away from the face makes this look unique.

The bangs must be left full so that they will have plenty of volume and movement and so that they don’t fall flat during the day.


10. Purple Tips Framing the Face

emo boy hair with purple tips

Black and purple go great together, and dyeing just the tips of the hair purple will perfectly frame the face.

This emo boy hairstyle is much shorter in the front and gradually gets longer to the back, but the purple tips help to keep the look cohesive and ensure that it flows easily. Pushing the bangs to one side completes the look.


11. Faded Light Blue on Top and Tips

Not all emo haircuts have to have very bright colors, as this look shows. The faded blue tips and top look great with the natural dark brown of the hair. A much shorter cut, this is a good option for boys growing out their hair.

The back is very short, and the top is just a little bit longer. By pushing it and the sideburns forward, the look is complete.

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12. Shocking Yellow Bangs

There’s nothing dull or boring about this shocking look with bright yellow bangs and deep black hair. The bright yellow draws attention to the face and makes everyone stop and look at this style.

Shorter bangs keep the yellow from being overwhelming, while the rest of the hair is styled with a product to have lots of volumes and softer spikes.


13. Red and Black

emo hairstyle for boys

Emo hairstyles often mix colors, and black and red are great options. This boy’s haircut has a shorter top and back so that the hair can be spiked up, while some hair is left longer to reach almost to the shoulders.

Adding plenty of product will help to add spikes, mixing together the red and black so that the dye job looks natural and professional.

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14. Deep Auburn Hair

emo boy with deep auburn hair

A deep auburn color looks very natural and attractive. This emo hair boy ‘do is slightly longer in the back, with very full and thick bangs and sides that cover the ears.

The bangs don’t cover the eyes, which is great for school but are swept off at an extreme angle. Thanks to the spiked tips on the bangs, this look isn’t boring and is a great way for boys to try out their first emo style.


15. Plenty of Volumes

emo boy with long hair

Adding a mixture of volume and length keeps this look from being run of the mill. Some longer hair frames the face, while other hair reaches past the shoulders. Pushing the top of the hair up and to one side adds a ton of volume.

The mixture of browns, blacks, and blondes used to dye the hair add depth and make this one cut that is sure to stand out. It requires dedication, thanks to the longer length.


Boy’s emo hair looks are sure to stand out on a sports team, in a crowd, or in the classroom. Any of these 15 fun choices are a great way for a boy who wants this fresh emo cut to personalize his look. They’re bright, bold, and sure to be the center of attention.