8-Year-Old Boy Haircuts and Hairstyles: Top 30 Ideas

Every little boy wants to look great and to be able to find their own unique style. Choosing from the best 8-year-old boy haircuts is a great way for boys to find a style that they like.

It can be difficult for some boys to know what to do with their hair, especially since their hair will play a huge role in how others see them.


The Best Hairstyles for 8-Year-Old Boys

These 8-year-old haircuts are a great way to express personality. Any boy that chooses one of them will be sure to pick a style that will give them a boost of confidence.

1. Long Layers

layered haircut for 8 year old boys

Layers are the easiest way to add shape to a haircut. This 8 year old boy is rocking long straight hair with layers. His bangs are side swept so they’ll stay out of his face.


2. Mini Quiff

8 year old boy's quiff hairstyle

For the coolest 8 year old you know, he has to rock the mini quiff. Hair is short on sides, and the longest hair is up top in the front where it’s combed up. 


3. Short Natural Black Hair

curly haircut for 8 year old boys

Many 8 year old boys don’t know how to style their hair on their own and just in case you don’t have the time in the morning, this short haircut will come in handy for black natural hair. 


4. High Fade with Design

8 year old boy's haircut with design

This is another long top-short sides haircut. Sides feature a cool high fade and any 8 year old boy is going to love being able to choose an awesome design to shave in, like these curved lines.


5. Johnny Bravo

8 year old boy's blonde hair

Johnny Bravo is making a comeback, but this time on 8 year old boy haircuts. Hair is a couple inches in length, but a small side part draws eyes to a cute area of the hair brushed to side with a swirl.


6. Straight Bowl

8 year old boy's bowl haircut

The bowl haircut is versatile, working for both curly and straight hair. Here, straight hair is the same length all around the head and short enough that it doesn’t get into the eyes.


7. The Buzz

Asian 8 year old boy haircut

For hair that doesn’t have much texture and is more stick straight, try a buzz cut. It’s perfect for 8 year old boys who are often on the go with sports.


8. Hard Part

hairstyle for 8 year old black boys

This 8 year old boy’s haircut is packed with detail, from the high fade to the hard part. He’ll love the coolness of the design and you’ll love that he didn’t choose to completely buzz his hair off!


9. Long and Spiky

8 year old boy with messy hairstyle

Whether it’s wacky hair day, Halloween, or you just have an expressive 8-year-old, a long spiky haircut will set him apart from all other little boys. 


10. Ginger Curls

boy's 8 year old hairstyle

Little boys with red hair and curls are a dime a dozen, so encourage him to be proud of his natural color and texture by wearing it loosely styled and short enough to manage on his own. 


11. Black Kids Mohawk

8 year old boy with curly mohawk

Boys who are lucky enough to have full and rich curls don’t have to wear their hair in a boring cut, as this great mohawk shows. The curls add a ton of volume and interest to the style and the shorter sides help the mohawk really stand out.

It’s a great 8-year-old haircut choice for little boys with curls who are bold and don’t worry about being the center of attention.


12. Tight Braids

braid hairstyle for 8 year old boy

This is a wonderful no-nonsense style, which is why it is such a favorite option when considering hairstyles for 8-year-old boys.

The tight braids for little boys on the head do a great job keeping hair out of the face, making this wonderful for learning or for wearing during sports. The professional braiding looks neat and is sure to boost confidence.


13. Spiked Mohawk

spiky mohawk for 8 year old boy

A full spiked mohawk requires some dedication, as it will need to be trimmed and maintained, but it’s a daring look for a bold boy.

It’s sure to inspire fear in the competition on the playing field and will also help any boy strike up a conversation with new friends. Boys need to make sure that they are willing to style it every day for the best appearance.


14. Bold and Bright with Designs

8 year old boy haircuts

There’s nothing quite as eye-catching as a bold orange mohawk, but adding some designs in the fade on the sides of the head will make it stand out even more.

This is a daring look and one that is also a lot of fun. Eight-year-old boys who want something that will help them express their personality are sure to love this haircut.


15. Clipped Close with Designs

8 year old boy haircut with design

Shorter hair can still be daring and unique for 8-year-olds, as long as there are fun designs clipped into the side of the head.

Leaving the hair longer on the top adds some volume and movement to the style, and clipping the sides shorter makes them a perfect canvas for fun designs.


16. Faded with a Softer Top

This is one of the most classic 8-year-old boy haircuts and looks great on almost any boy. It’s a much softer look and one that is very easy to take care of. The full volume on top is a great complement to the gentle fade around the ears.


17. Kids Fohawk with a Hard Line

A tighter fade that shows a little skin around the ears is perfectly topped with longer hair and a hard line. Plenty of product is necessary to keep this style looking fresh and updated.


18. Swooped Over the Top

Swooping slightly longer hair over the top of the head and to the side is cute on any boy. The hard line separating the little boy’s long hair and the fade adds interest and dimension to the cut.

This gives the 8-year-old’s hairstyle a little edge and helps give the boy wearing it a bit more confidence in his appearance.


19. Long Top with a Short Fade

Keeping just the hair on top of the head longer and fading everything else shorter is unique and fun. This look takes very little time to style in the morning, although it does need regular upkeep to look its best.

It’s a fun summer look, as it helps boys stay cool when playing outside.


20. Longer Bangs Left Down

8 year old boy with long bangs

This is one of the classic 8-year-old boy hairdos for straight hair, as almost every boy has had it at some point in their life. The slightly longer bangs make boys feel cool, and because they are left to hang easily around and in the face, this look doesn’t require a lot of work in the morning.


21. Boy’s Crew Cut

8 year old boy with crew cut

Keeping hair out of a boy’s face can be a struggle for any mother, which is why this is such a great option.

As far as haircuts for 8-year-old boys go, it’s fairly simple, but does a great job keeping bangs up and out of the way. A little product and a shorter fade on the side complete the look.


22. Twisted Over Fringe with Details

8 year old boy hairstyle with highlights

Here’s a simple twisted fringe hairstyle that will never go wrong with your boy’s hair. Warm-toned highlights are added to the fringe, giving heavy details for this look.

Do not dye the roots because they might be too sensitive for the dye. Does great for both casual and formal occasions.


23. Messy Mop Top with a Wet Look

curly hair with bangs for 8 year old boy

Messy tops are always fun and easy to do in no time. If your boy has shaggy hair, give him a perfect haircut.

To get a wet look, chop the hair into layers to create fringe and add moisture to the locs. This is the perfect fit for thick and shaggy hair.


24. Out Grown Razored Hairstyle

buzz cut for 8 year old boy

These hairstyles are the best 8-Year-Old Boy Haircuts because they do not require much attention. Once styled with perfect cuts and trims will last more than forty days.

This is an outgrown buzz look. As a matter of fact, you can also do this style at home using a clipped trimmer too.


25. Pompadour Style on Fine Hair 

8 year old boy hairstyle for fine hair

Styling your boy’s thin hair could not be smooth. The fine hair will easily fall off if left with no proper base. So, use hair gel to create designs with those fine hair.

You can do a Pompadour, Mohawk, or any other style you wanna try. Leave enough hair gel or clay to give the fine hair proper support.


26. Textured Top with Shaved Sides

8 year old boy with shaved hairstyle

For a suave and cute look, add textured layers on the top. Cut these in a way so they don’t blend in; this creates a messy finish.

Shave the sides with any degree of fade and add a shiny mouse on the top or add clay to increase the textured finish.


27. Ginger Head

8 year old boy with red hair

Ginger shag hairstyles give out an innocent and vintage vibe. Undone 8-yr old boy hairstyles like this are basically no maintenance styles.

Leave it natural and add maximizers to create this look for your boy. This is normally a frizzy hairstyle so it could be the best pick for any outdoor occasion.


28. Freshmen Look

hairstyle for 8 year old boy

This is the best no-nonsense style for your boy. This is a fresh look that is more mature.

This is why it should be the top pick for your boy. Simple and minimal fringe will make them look cute instantly.


29. Classic Short Style

side part hairstyle for 8 year old boy

This is one of the all-time classic hairstyles for an 8-year-old boy. Try this style if you prefer an even length of hair on your boy’s head.

It’s a short, neat look and one that is very easy to maintain. The volume on the top and sides is almost the same.


30. Soft Center Part

8 year old boy with middle part hairstyle

The secret of wearing this style is the smooth and soft center part. So if your boy has sleek, soft hair, try a middle part.

This style might be old school, but they will look irresistibly cute. Add glossy clay or gels to get that super sleek finish.


Finding the right hairstyle has never been easier, thanks to these great options. Rather than looking like everyone else in the class, boys can now embrace their individuality and have a style they really love.