55 Fresh Black Kid Memes That’ll Make Your Day

There are some tones and messages that can only be correctly depicted using black kid memes. It could be a tone of great sarcasm, sass or just humor. All it takes are several pictures featuring black kids with the correct facial expressions.


Black Kid Memes

A picture speaks a thousand words – and sometimes the simplest memes can express your emotions and thoughts much better than your words ever could. Were you looking for good skeptical black kid memes? Or perhaps you were looking for black kid coloring memes – you know which one, the one with this kid appearing to color really angrily on his book. Yes, that one.

Take a look at all the funny memes that we have for you featuring black kids, and share them around! You can also read these funny fat kid memes which will bring tears to your eyes laughing!

1. But Mom I Want to Be A Rapper!

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2. Well Then Smart Ass Tell Me The Correct Answer.

memes about black kids


3. Say What?

best black kid memes


4. Spent A Few Mins Wondering Why My Earphones Weren’t Working. Turned Out I Wasn’t Even Wearing Them!

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5. When You Stay Up All Night Doing Homework And Your Teacher Doesn’t Collect It.


6. My Face When Katy Perry Says… She’s Got The Eye of The Tiger But She’s Riding A Lion.


7. The Last 5 Minutes of Exam Everyone Gets Supernatural Power.


8. I appreciate Your Concern But Aren’t You Suppose to Be in The Kitchen?


9. Asks Everyone Where The Lighter Is. Already Holding It!


10. No Deshaun This Planet Doesn’t Have Fried Chicken!


11. So You Mean to Tell Me My Ticket Is Fake.


12. I Can Not Wait to See What Happens Next.


13. How Your Mom Looks at You When You Try to Get Her Attention While She’s on The Phone.


14. I Said What The Fuck You Talking About, Willis?


15. It’s Back to School Time.. I am So Excited!!!


16. This Will Be My Face for Everything Today.


17. When Your Friend Almost Slips up And Tells Some Shit Nobody Supposed to Know. Yo Betta Shut Yo Ass up!


18. Puts Ice Cream Back into The Refrigerator.


19. Who The Hell Give This Meme A Racist Name? Black Coloring Kid, Really?! Really?!


20. So You’re Telling Me People Throw Food at Eachother for Fun!?


21. Me, Viewing The New Stampin’ Up! Catalogue.


22. I Be Like Just Waiting for A Squat Rack.


23. That Face You Make When Can’t Answer Question 1!

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24. I Want My Fooooooooood!


25. So, You’re Telling Me You Guys Look at A Fridge Full of Food, Complaining There Is Nothing to Eat??


26. Finishing Homework The Day Its Due. GO GO GO!


27. Makes A Bowl of Cereal Fills Bowl with Juice Instead of Milk!


28. And This Is Planet Watermelon Where The Rivers Are Grape Soda And Fried Chicken Grows on Trees!


29. So You’re Telling Me That There’s A Meme on The Internet of A Kid Doing The Same Thing I’m Doing Right Now.


30. Sometimes I Question Myself: How Does My Brain Work?!


31. That Face When… You Missed The Pedal And Scrape Your Shin!


32. When You See A Teacher in Public.

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33. I’m Trying to Study. Go Away!!!!


34. That Face You Make When You Show Someone A Pic on Your Phone And They Start to Scroll.


35. So You’re Telling Me You Filter Water That Is Already Clean?


36. When People Think You’re High But It’s Your Allergies Acting up!


37. Put Bowl of Soup in Microwave Left The Spoon in It!


38. Me, Working on The 2018 Budget!


39. Oh Goody I Am Coming to Your Birthday!


40. That Face You Make Before You Sneeze I Feel It.


41. You Mean I Don’t Have to Pick It And I Can Eat It?!


42. Yes We’ve All Seen The Goddamn Subway Rage Comic. Stop Reposting A Repost A Repost A Repost A Repost A Repost A Repost!


43. The Face You Make When That Co-worker You Hate Walks Past Your Office.


44. Me Taking Fantasy Football Notes!


45. Destroy The Microwave. Mission Complete!


46. When Your Friend Gotta Skip Class for Something So You Sign Them in. I Love You So Much Get Some Rest I GOT US!


47. So You’re Saying I’m Famous All Over Memecenter..but Poor As Shit Her?


48. Allergy Season Got Me Like…


49. Dear Diary I Hate Research.


50. What That Kid Back There Staring at?


51. Who Got The 20 Dollar Fill up from KFC?


52. That Face You Make WhenThe Er Staff Asks How Bad Your Headache Is. If It Wasn’t Bad Why Would I Be in The Freaking Hospital at 2 in The Morning!


53. So If I Go with You I’ll Get Free KFC, Interesting..


54. Testing Me, Uh? Gotta Kill It.

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55. The Struggle Is REAL!

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Seriously, there are very little people that can top all the funny facial expressions that you can only find in memes about black kids recently. You got to admit – they have a much better sense of humor compared to the rest of us!

Remember to share the black kid memes that you enjoy with your friends and family to make them laugh too!