80 Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Sister to Remember Always

If you have been searching for birthday wishes for your sister, we believe that it’s just about time to wish her a happy birthday! We know that birthday wishes can be hard to think of year after year. We also know that you want to wish nothing but the best for the sibling that you grew up with.

This is why we know for a fact that you are going to love the birthday wishes for your lovely sister that we have compiled for you below.


Loveliest Birthday Wishes for Sister

birthday wishes for sister

When you are thinking about the best birthday wishes for your sister, you would probably be trying to keep it short and sweet. At the same time, you would want it to be meaningful.

Something that your sister will smile at when she reads it. We are here to remind you that birthday wishes don’t need to be complicated! Simply browse through our collection of birthday wishes for sisters and get inspired by it!

You can also modify these birthday wishes to suit her better, which is a nice touch! After all, what better birthday wish to receive from a sibling than a heartfelt, personalized one? Just start reading and take notes as you go! Read birthday wishes for younger brother from sister here.


50 Lovely Birthday Wishes for Your Sister

1. Out of all sisters in the world, you may be the toughest, but you are still my favorite! Happy birthday and all the best!


2. Happy birthday to my sister, who gets on my nerves every day, but I still love the most!


3. Happy birthday, sis! One year older, but none the wiser, just like the rest of our family!


4. Having a sister means forever having a friend and companion in life. Happy birthday darling, I love you so much!


5. Happy birthday to my sister, who likes to steal my clothes and be the boss at all time! I have got the most awesome sister In the world!

birthday wishes for sister


6. We may argue often, but deep down, I love you more than any other person in the world! Happy birthday, you deserve the best!


7. Having a sister is like having a second mom you never really wanted! Happy birthday, silly, you are one of a kind!


8. The happiest of birthdays to the one person who would drive 100 miles just to see me – my sister! I love you more than anything!


9. You may be my older sister, but I’ll still be cooler than you! Happy birthday, girl, you are the best!


10. Not everyone gets to have a sister as wonderful as you. On your birthday, I wish you nothing but love, happiness and good health!

happy birthday wishes for lovely sister


11. We didn’t choose to be sisters, but we sure chose to become BFFs. Happy birthday to the one person who truly understands me!


12. Happy birthday to my favorite person in this world! You are the best sister anyone could ask for, and I wouldn’t trade you for anything!


13. Hey sis, you may not be this family’s favorite child, but you are my favorite for sure! Happy birthday, I wish you nothing but the best!


14. Happy birthday to my sister, who handles life like a true pro! You are my hero and I only wish the best for you!


15. Life has been so kind to me, giving me the best sister anyone could ask for! Today we celebrate you – Happy birthday! May God fulfill all of your wishes.

birthday wishes for sister that melts your heart


16. Happy birthday to my sister, who has taught me everything I need to know about life! You are a shining star and I love you with all my heart!


17. You are my sister, my protector and my guardian angel! Happy birthday to you, sweetie, you make me the luckiest sibling in the world!


18. Who needs friends when you have a sister as awesome as mine? Happy birthday to you, sis, you are one of a kind!


19. You are the best mom to my nephews and the best wife to my brother-in-law, but most importantly, you are the perfect sister anyone could ask for! Happy birthday!


20. When I asked for a baby sister, the Universe sent me more than I could have ever imagined! Happy B-Day sis, may you have it all!

birthday wishes for baby sister


21. No one has been in my life longer than you, and I’m happy to have you right beside me! Happy birthday, angel, you are the epitome of the perfect sister!


22. Happy birthday, lovely sister! I ordered a cake big enough to hold all candles, wishing you twice as much in the years to come!


23. Your birthday is not that hard to memorize, we’re twins after all! Happy birthday to my other half, I love you dearly!


24. Having a loving sister means never having to worry about being lonely! Happy birthday to the most caring and giving person I know!


25. From toddlers to adults,

I love your merits and your faults,

Happy birthday to my sis,

Life doesn’t get better than this!

birthday quotes for sister


26. Let’s celebrate the only person who stood by my side, regardless of my stubbornness. Happy birthday, sis, I wish you a lifetime of love and joy!


27. You are sweet and kind,

You’re always on my mind,

Having you around is a bliss,

Happy birthday to you, sis!


28. I don’t know what I did to deserve a sister as loving as you. Happy birthday to my true friend and protector, I love you!


29. Happy birthday to my amazing sister and the one person who knows how to scold me and hug me when I need it!


30. Happy birthday sis, you mean more to me than I would have ever imagined! This is your day, enjoy it. Have a blast with your craziness!

adorable birthday wishes for sister


31. Happy birthday to my sister, who although miles apart, still makes sure I feel loved every day!


32. Happy birthday, sis! Thanks for always having my back and putting up with my crazy ideas!


33. Mom and dad did an amazing job bringing you in this world! Happy birthday sis, I love you so!


34. Happy birthday to my wonderful sister! You are everyone’s favorite, and I won’t even try to fight it!


35. Happy B-Day to my sister, who is one of the hottest mamas I know! You rock everyone’s world and I love you dearly.


36. The happiest of birthdays to my sister, a person who can do it all! We celebrate and love you not just today, but every day! Wishing you a very successful life ahead.

birthday wishes for your lovely sister


37. Sister, you are the best matchmaker in the world, and you have always kept me out of trouble! Happy birthday to you, I love you like crazy!


38. You are the definition of motherhood, sisterhood, and everything in between! Happy birthday to my sister, who always triumphs in life!


39. You are like a fine wine – the older you get, the better you become! Happy birthday to my sister, who for some reason ages backward!


40. We are downright opposites, but that is what makes us the best sister duo ever! Happy birthday to my better half, I couldn’t do life without you!


41. The happiest of birthdays to my dear sister! You keep this family together, and you never cease to amaze me! Happy birthday and have fun!

happy birthday quotes for your sister


42. Today is a great day to say- you were always the better sister and daughter! Happy birthday, sis, love you to the moon and back!


43. You have the patience for my craziness and you never take my love for granted! Happy B-Day sis, thanks for keeping me sane!


44. I may be your younger brother, but I’ll never stop protecting you from harm! Happy birthday to my sister, a definition of the perfect woman!


45. You were never the one to hold a grudge, which makes you the best sister ever! Happy birthday, sunshine, may this day be everything you wished for!


46. Life is kind and patient with those who know how to live it! You are one of the most kind-hearted person I’ve ever seen. Happy birthday, sister, you are truly a rare find!

lovely birthday wishes for sister


47. I wished upon a star that life gives you all you have dreamt of! Happy birthday to my sister, who makes life her greatest adventure!


48. Another year has passed, and you just keep getting better! Happy birthday, sis, you deserve the best life can offer!


49. As your brother, it’s my job to remind you how much I love you every single day! Happy birthday to the best person and sister in the world!


50. Happy birthday, sis! May life treat you kindly, and thank you for always sticking up for me!

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20 Amazing Birthday Poems for Your Sister

51. Happy birthday to my lovely sister,
May God bless you more than ever
With joy, happiness, but tears never,
All for my sister, forever and ever!


52. Now that my sister has grown older,
Come and enjoy your cake and tea
To celebrate your birthday
And spend some time with me!


53. My sister who I love so much,
I know only the best ways to wish you
With a card and a kiss right here and now,
I wish you the happiest birthday!


54. My dear sister, I want to say this.
You are why my life has been full of bliss!
Let me give you a hug and a wish,
Happy birthday to someone who’s more than just a sis.

birthday poems for sister


55. A Facebook post like, A Twitter tweet,
A Pinterest pin, A Flickr share.
A nice greeting card, and a cute note,
With all these and more, I wish you Happy Birthday!


56. We shared a room, we shared our gossips.
We laughed and cried, studied and played.
We did so much together, with you as my sister.
Today is all about you, so happy birthday.


57. I wish you a day full of party and play,
I wish you a very happy birthday.
To my elder sister who’s always so sure,
So calm, so loving and so pure!


58. Happy birthday to my sister,
The biggest drama queen,
I’ll be always nice to you and
love you, whether you’re 12 or 13.

happy birthday poems for your sister


59. My sister, you inspire,
To be like you, I aspire.
You’re a sister I’ll always admire,
Happy birthday, my sister dear.


60.Our relationship is much more than good,
And I’ll always do everything that I could
To wish you the best, parties and foods,
For your birthday and for any moods.


61. I wish you nothing but the best,
Health, love, and all the rest.
I hope my hugs are warm and hearty,
Are you ready for your birthday party?

lovely birthday wishes for sisters


62. A wonderful day, a special day,
Happy birthday sister, I’d like to say.
I send you laughter, love and cheers,
As you celebrate your birthday for your years.


63. My special sister, my very best friend,
Time with you I’d love to spend.
You’ve always been there, thick and thin,
Happy Birthday, from your dearest kin.


64. I just want to say,
You are the best my dearest sis.
Please stay loving, however you are,
Happy birthday to you and may God bless you!


65. My dearest sister, she’s so very smart,
I really love her from the bottom of my heart.
She certainly knows how to get her way,
But happy birthday, with all my heart.

sisters birthday wish message


66. May you in your life
Always have your way
Happy birthday my dear sister,
For you, I will always pray.


67. My sister is so kind and sweet,
Chocolate cakes and candies are what she’ll eat
For this birthday, and the next,
Happy birthday, enjoy your treats!


68. Oh dear sister so kind and sweet,
Certainly the most playful on the street!
With your personality so unique,
May you have the happiest birthday treats!

sweet birthday poems for a sister


69. We always had each other’s back,
As sure as the treats in your purple schoolbag.
To this great sister, I just want to say,
A happy birthday and make your wish.


70. A beautiful sister with a beautiful heart,
Such a blessing from the very start!
Happy birthday I’ll have to say,
May joy forever go your way!

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10 Funny Birthday Wishes for Sister

71. You silly, cheeky little monkey of a sister. Happy birthday and I love you anyways!


72. The house does not need a loudspeaker with you around. Happy birthday sister! At least don’t make any noise on this day!


73. I often wonder how you make me laugh so easily, but I hope you always will, this birthday & more! Always be like the squirrel as your are!


74. I’ll never forget how loudly you burped on last birthday. May you do an even louder one this year! Happy birthday, my lovely sister.

funny birthday wishes for sister


75. Happy birthday my dear sister. Have a blast today but remember you ate too much cake and got a stomachache last year, so be careful this birthday!


76. Congratulations for reaching the 10th year anniversary of annoying me with your weird antics. Happy birthday!


77. Happy birthday to the most beautiful, gorgeous and awesome person. Did I just wish myself? Anyways, I wish you a very joyful life ahead!

funny happy birthday quotes for sister


78. You are my only favorite sister! I’d have more options if you weren’t the only one. So don’t be so much happy. Happy birthday!


79. Happy birthday, sister! You’ll only be 12 once in your life, so enjoy your birthday! You will never get back that moment into your life!


80. Go bananas on your birthday party, you cheeky monkey. Happy birthday!


For best effect, we recommend that you present these birthday wishes for your sister along with a nice gift. We hope she will have a blast on her birthday party a well! You can bookmark this link so that you will easily find other ideas for birthday wishes in the future.