20 Funny Birthday Wishes for Cousin Brother That’ll Make Him Smile

Make a birthday celebration special by sending funny birthday wishes for cousin brother to him this year! Normal birthday wishes are kind of outdated by now, and what better wishes to send than funny ones? You will instantly see those funny quotes and wishes to light up his little face instantly!

birthday wishes for cousin brother


Birthday Wishes for Cousin Brother

Below, we share with you 20 funny birthday wishes for cousin brother that he is sure to love! So, just read on and let us know the ones that you like the best.

Remember, you can share these funny birthday wishes for cousin brother on your Facebook or Twitter profiles so that your family members can see it too! But first, let’s give the below wishes a read and find something suitable for your cousin brother first.

1.  Cousins are so awesome. Well, at least mine is! Happy birthday!


2.  Happy birthday to the boy who should have been my twin! I think God knew that our family couldn’t handle the two of us together.


3.  Happy birthday to the most handsome cousin in this world. Did I say “to”? I mean “from”!


4.  Happy birthday, cheeky monkey boy! You’re still the best cousin ever!


5.  Happy birthday to the cousin who is so awesome, lovable, amazing and reminds me of myself!


6.  Happy birthday cousin! I hope your birthday is as great and awesome as I am!


7.  Not everyone is as lucky as you are to have such an awesome cousin wish you a happy birthday today.


8.  Happy birthday to the second-best cousin! You’re second because I’m the best and you know it!


9.  Happy birthday from your favourite cousin! May you live so healthy that you live to be old and toothless!


10.  A cousin is just another wacky best friend to have. Happy birthday!


11.  I admit it. You’re the coolest cousin I have. May you have a great birthday!


12.  You are the cousin that I always look forward to seeing at family reunions. Happy birthday cousin!


13.  My dear cousin, you always make me laugh when you’re around because of your antics. Happy birthday!


14.  On your birthday, may you be as happy as you make me with your presence!


15.  You’re turning 10 already? Know that you will always be my baby cousin no matter how old you grow!


Funny birthday wishes for cousin brother

Birthdays are happy occasions that should be celebrated with joy and laughter. When it comes to your cousin brother who you might be very close to, the birthday deserves twice the celebration and fun! Find your beloved cousin brother a quote that you feel can relate to him the most, and personalize it to fit him perfectly on his birthday card!

These funny birthday wishes for cousin brother are meant to make them smile and laugh more on their birthday, so be sure to attach the birthday wishes with a specially selected gift just for him!

We hope that when he reads the funny birthday wishes for cousin brother that you chose, it would brighten up his birthday celebration. We also hope that he will remember your birthday wishes more than the others since that would show that our quotes are indeed very likable!

16.  I feel blessed that I can connect with my cousin so well! Happy birthday to you!

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17.  Happy birthday and enjoy your gifts! I hope you get all the toys you like this year.


18.  We may be a few years apart, but you are still the cousin that I love the most! Happy birthday to you!


19.  You are the cousin who’s like my own brother. I love how well we get along! Happy birthday!


20.  Happy birthday, I wish you every day, for more joys and love and many many more birthdays.


Did you find any of the 20 funny birthday wishes for cousin brother relevant for your own cousin? Well, his birthday must be coming up soon if you are already searching for these quotes, so we wish you all the best with the gifting process, and we wish him a happy, happy birthday too!