Beach Essentials for Baby: 12 Items to Pack for Your Next Trip

Is it summer vacation yet? These beach essentials for baby will help to ensure that your trip is filled with magical memories, not frustration and regrets.


Necessary Beach Items for Toddlers

Below are some important beach approved items for babies that are needed to keep them safe from any harmful incident in the beach:

1. Sunscreen

baby sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must-have beach essential for babies. It’s bad enough when adults come home from the beach looking like a tomato, so they certainly don’t want this fate for their kids.

Sunscreen is a must-have for everyone on beach days, but are there special considerations to make for babies? Well, parents want to be sure that they’re slathering in sunblock that is nontoxic and safe for little ones.

The SPF (sun protection factor) is also important, and most baby sunscreens are SPF 30 or above. It turns out that one particularly bad sunburn during childhood can double a person’s risk of developing melanoma later in life. Better to be safe than sorry.


2. Sun Hat

sun hat for baby

Going along with the sun theme, a sun hat for baby as beach necessity is a great idea. Little boys and gals can get fussy, and with the sun shining brightly in their eyes, it could lead to a temper tantrum.

A cute hat will block out the UV rays while keeping baby comfortable and stylish. It helps to have a hat that ties under the chin so that babies can’t rip it off so easily.

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3. Baby Wipes

baby wipes

Another most important baby’s beach essentials. Not only are these a necessity for diaper changes, but they come in handy while on the go. A beach day doesn’t always include a visit to a spotless bathroom, so these wipes can be a lifesaver when baby poops.

They’re convenient to use on hands and faces for both baby and parent. Mom and dad will be glad they remembered these when they need to clean off their hands after changing a diaper, visiting the restroom, and before eating.


4. Snacks

snacks for baby

Beach days can be long days, which means that snacks are a must. Having something to nosh on keeps energy levels up and will prevent the baby from getting antsy as the day goes on. Since the family is going to be out and about for hours, it’s best to bring along some snacks and foods that are easily accessible and travel well.

Puffs and crackers keep well, and these days there is travel-friendly applesauce and baby food purees that don’t even need a spoon. Don’t forget about drinks, either. Staying hydrated is especially important on hot days. A cooler can keep everything cold, and there are even coolers with wheels for added convenience.


5. Plenty of Towels

baby towel

Is it really possible to pack too many towels? While the answer may be up for debate, most parents would agree that having spare dry towels on hand can be quite useful. A towel can be a great place to keep beach bags and items so they don’t get all sandy throughout the day.

It’s also a spot where baby and parent can nap or lie down. With the sun beating down on everything, sitting on the sand can be uncomfortable or even painful. A large beach towel can bypass that struggle.


6. Bag for Wet Items

bags for baby's wet items

One of the most important beach items for the baby that people forget is an extra bag for wet items. No one wants to store their clean and dry clothing and personal belongings with soppy wet towels and bathing suits. The extra bag won’t take up much space, but it will be a huge relief by the end of the day.

Just make sure that it is big enough to hold all of the wet belongings the family will have at the end of the beach trip. For example, towels, water shoes, wet diapers and clothing, bathing suits, and much more.


7. Umbrella

umbrella for babies

Who couldn’t use some extra sun protection? Whether parents bring their own or rent one from the beach, a large umbrella can keep sunburn at bay and provide a nice respite from the glaring heat. Taking some precautions when it comes to sun exposure is necessary if the family is planning on spending more than a couple of minutes at the beach.

It can get brutal out there, and if it’s annoying for the parent, it’s probably even worse for the baby. Therefore, an umbrella is a must beach essential for kids. Some families might even have tents that can provide more coverage. The bigger, the better!


8. Baby Powder

baby powder for babies a must have beach essentials

An insider tip is that baby powder works wonders for removing sand from arms, hands, legs, and feet. Finally, no more tracking sand in the car and beyond. Plus, baby powder will come in handy for diaper changes, so it’s one of the best baby items to pack for the trip to the beach.

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9. Swim Diapers

Swim Diapers

Babies have it good these days because there is a wide range of swimmers that are cute and functional. No baby wants to get their normal, everyday diaper wet. Even though they’re not going to be doing serious swimming, they could still use swim diapers. Pampers, Huggies, and other popular brands all offer these swimmers in a variety of sizes.

They’re waterproof and parents can choose between disposable or reusable ones. The important thing is that the baby won’t be weighed down by a water-filled diaper. So don’t forget this beach essential for your baby to get the most of the trip!


10. Water Shoes

These may not seem like a necessary item for toddlers on a beach trip, but when the sand is blister-inducing hot, parents will be glad they invested in water shoes. The skin on the bottom of the feet is sensitive, particularly for babies. Water shoes don’t have to be fancy, but they should offer protection.


11. Wagon or Wheeled Tote

beach necessities for baby

Who wants to carry all of this gear on their own? No one. A wagon makes it easy to transport everything with minimal effort. There are wheeled totes, such as the Wonder Wheel, that also do the trick.

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12. Pop-up Baby Tent

beach essentials for babies - baby tent

It doesn’t have to be a tent exactly, but something easy that can pop up to provide some shelter is a real lifesaver. It’s helpful when babies get tired of all the sun or just want a quieter place to doze off.

Plus, it provides some added privacy for diaper changes. Also called a Shade Play, they typically cost around $30.If you get this beach essential for babies you may skip no 5 and 7!