My Baby Won’t Stop Crying – Why And What To Do

There are many reasons why baby won’t stop crying. A baby will become irritable at the slightest thing and sometimes the parents or caregivers will not know why and what to do for a crying baby. Each baby is unique as are their needs. Some babies suffer from separation anxiety and will have to work through being away from mom; others will have issues that are not as severe as that.

Why Baby Cries and What to Do

Babies mostly cry for some reasons. Parents should try to understand what is the problem and that’s what a baby wants from them.

  1. Baby is hungry. Babies need to eat more often than adults so if the baby is crying and shoving their fist into their mouths, then try feeding him.
  2. Baby has a dirty diaper. Check baby’s diaper to see if it is soiled. If the diaper needs changing, do so immediately to avoid baby getting diaper rash.
  3. The baby has gas build up in their tummy. This can be uncomfortable for the baby. Massaging his tummy can help or give gas relief drops to dissolve the gas built up in the tummy. The baby may need to burp if they have built up air in their tummy.
  4. The baby has an injury. This could be a simple bump on their knee or a pinched finger. But any discomfort and the baby will cry. Check out the injury and give any first aid if necessary. Otherwise, give hugs and kisses to help soothe the baby and then give them a distraction.
  5. The baby is feeling neglected. Some babies require large amounts of attention and they expect to be cuddled and carried by mom or dad. Invest in a baby sling so that baby can be with you but you will have your hands free to complete tasks.

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