25 Unique Baby’s First Haircut Ideas for New Parents

Baby’s first haircut is always special for the parents. Some babies come out of the womb with a full, fluffy head of hair while some others come out with barely a few strands. Sure, this depends largely on genetics and the baby’s parents, but these factors can greatly influence these babies first haircut several months later!

baby's first haircut

If you thought that babies are not going to have many options with their hairstyles, you might have undermined it a little! A baby’s first haircut could look different depending on their natural hairdo.  You’ll see what we mean when you keep reading below!

Adorable Baby’s First Haircuts

If your baby has very little hair to work with, some water and gentle hair gel will do the trick. If we are talking about a thick head of hair, you can leave it long, medium length or short and spiky! Let’s take a look at the various baby’s first haircuts below!

1. Long at The Top

baby's first haircut

If you prefer your babies to have short and neat hair, this is what you can go for. It won’t be complicated either – it’s just a baby hairdo anyhow! Babies with thinner hair can have this as their first hairstyle.

The sides are really, really short, but the top has a little bit more length to spare. Feel free to do with this new length what you will!

2. Equal Length with Spiked Up Front

baby's first haircut with spiked up front

This is definitely one of the most common hairdos for little babies to wear as their first haircut, and also the most natural! You only need your baby to grow his hair out naturally, and that’s it.

You can choose to spike up the hair at the front with a little bit of water to hold it up temporarily, or you can try a gentle hair wax suitable for babies.

3. All Long & Fluffy!

long and fluffy haircut for baby boy

Only babies blessed with a thick head of hair can pull this long and wild look off! Babies like this can just leave their hair growing all natural as their baby’s first haircuts. Don’t you just want to ruffle your fingers through those hairs? It’s just too cute to bear!

4. Gentle Toddler Look

baby boy fist haircut

Aww, look at these babies! These haircuts are relatively easy to maintain, but it’s more likely that you will only see these hairstyles on toddlers than anyone else.

Newborn babies usually will not have this curly hair! However, you can choose to maintain your child’s natural hairdo until it’s long enough to have it styled this way.

5. Like A Lion

baby girl first haircut

These babies have a permanent bed head! These first haircuts for babies will eventually free them from this messy look. However, if you are one of the lucky parents who have given birth to babies with this thick hair, you will know how many other parents are jealous of you!

If you want to give your baby a nice hairstyle, it’s likely that you are going to need some water, gentle hair gel and lots of time combing it all down.

6. A Baby’s Mohawk

baby's first haircut with mohawk

Why not consider a mohawk as your baby’s first hairstyle? Not many parents would consider it due to how wild it looks, but you have to admit that it has a certain charm to it!

These baby mohawks only require you to give the hairdo a few trims and cuts every few weeks. Remember to ask for toddler-friendly hair gel or wax to go along with it!

Best Fohawk Hairstyles for Little Boys

7. Prim and Proper

Babies with thin hair can have this as their first hairstyles. As you can see from the images above, these babies sport a flattened hairdo. It can be just a simple comb-over, or simply a few comb strokes to help them maintain the neat look.

For this hairdo to look flattering, you can leverage on the baby’s natural hair color! Pair this first haircut of baby’s with a nice outfit to top it off!

8. Naughty Little Pigtails

pigtails for girl baby's first hairdo

Mischievous little baby girls can sport this look as their first hairstyle! Little girls only need to grow a short amount of hair to get this as their first look. It’s also super simple to create and maintain – even dads can do it! All you need are two nice hairbands that can hold up the cute pigtails.

9. A Short Trim

This is a popular look for a baby’s first haircut. Perhaps due to its simplicity and how clean a baby looks with it, this hairstyle is commonly worn by active little boys.

Don’t be surprised if you visit a playground and see that half the group of children playing there are sporting this look! After all, a simple and short style keeps the little boy grime-free more often than a long hairstyle.

10. Girlish but Graceful

If you have a little girl with thin hair, you can go for hairstyles such as this one. There isn’t much to it – a short length will do, and the rest is all up to the accessories that you want to add! Go creative with this look – you can create a cute appearance with a few tiny ribbons and hair clips, as an example.

11. Just Like A Newborn Baby

natural first haircut for babies

For simplicity’s sake, this is one of the best first haircuts for babies. Some babies’ hair grow out a little slower, so they can maintain a baby-like hair quality and length for longer than other infants. This is when the baby’s hair is the softest and most pleasant to the touch!

12. Fun with Curls

baby boy first curly haircut

If your baby has naturally curly hair, you can opt for it to grow out all natural or to style it up like the mommy did for the baby on the right!

Technically, curly is already a hairstyle so there isn’t much need to meddle with the hair any more than necessary. Just be sure to keep it at a length that is reasonable for you!

13. Turnip-Like

baby girl's first hairstyle

If your little baby gets annoyed easily with the sensation of hair in their eyes, you can tie up all the hair at the front to prevent them from falling into their eyes. This in itself can be a baby’s first haircut style! Any babies with a medium length of hair will be able to tie it up in this way.

14. Almost Bald

bald like first haircuts for babies

For babies born with very little hair, you can accentuate on what little hair they have by focusing it all up to the middle section! Babies with this hairstyle typically have hair longer on the top naturally, so getting this hairdo should be no issue at all.

15. Cute Little Fringe

Fringes look best on babies! Bangs and fringes might not work as well on adults due to face shapes and many other factors, but babies can rock these hair components just fine.

You can keep the hair at the back in any style that you like, but keep the front area trimmed or cut short to create this simple look. With babies’ temperaments, it might be a wise idea not to keep fringes that will get long enough to fall into their eyes!

16. Clean-Cut Mohawks

Hints of Mohawks too plain for your baby? Get them a real Mohawk haircut with the sides shaved clean! This will accentuate the middle section of your baby’s head for sure.

If anything, Mohawks definitely do well in giving the appearance of a longer face to babies with a naturally round face. You can also have fun creating this hairstyle while you are shaving your baby bald to test it out!

17. Grown-Up Imitations

baby's first haircut

It’s almost as if these little babies are trying to look like adults! We are sure that you have seen these babies’ haircut styles on older adults as well.

The haircuts are simple, but any sections of hair can be left a little spiked up and wild to retain the child-like appearance your toddlers should have. The key is always to keep the hairdo center-focused!

18. All Spiked Up

If your baby has a tougher hair texture, they can get this look effortlessly! All that it takes to bring out their natural spikes is a few trims and cuts. When their hair reaches a certain short length, all the spikes come up!

If you don’t believe us, just bring your child with a rougher hair texture to a hairdresser. Watch the magic happen as the spikes come out from nowhere!

19. Strands & Strands

Some babies aren’t as blessed with glorious crowns of hair as the others. For these babies, you might not want to plan much of a baby’s first hairstyle for them! Just leave the hair be and comb it towards the front a little to create a slightly better appearance.

20. Like A Gentleman

manly haircuts for babies

The best way for your little man to have a look like a grown-up gentleman is to comb his hair like one and dress him like one. While this post does not provide dress-up tips, we can give you some recommendations for the hairdo part.

Toddlers with a neat side part can easily get a gentleman vibe simply from their hairstyle!

21. A Head of Curls

Babies with thick, curly hair do not need to worry about their hairstyles! There are two simple options though – you can leave the curls to go where they please, or you can style it up with other hairstyle cuts like in the photo on the right. Curls look good on toddlers regardless of their natural hair color, so you can style it up freely.

22. Like A Fairytale Princess

Little girls with a loosely-curled hair and a short fringe look like they came straight out of storybooks; Even those with simpler, straight hair will still give them the lovely, beautiful effect!

When you keep in mind that little girls will soon grow up to become actual princesses in their own lives, imagining their first haircut styles will be an easy task.

23. Curled at the Ends

curly first haircuts for babies

You can just let your toddler’s hair be if they have loosely-curled hair that curls up toward the end. With an exception for a few trims and cuts routinely to maintain a healthy length of hair, there aren’t much of other maintenance measures required.

If anything, just be sure to comb their hair well so that the curls do not stick together or tangle up!

24. Matted-Down Curls

baby's very first hairdo

Babies with thin or soft hair can still rock their curly hairstyles. Don’t worry too much if your baby’s hair appears really thin! Sometimes, they will start growing a thicker head of hair as they grow.

Whatever the case, babies with soft hair texture will definitely give out a pleasant and kind vibe, so style it any way that you think reflects this characteristic best!

25. Big Accessories

baby's first hairstyle with accessories

As a cheat way to style your toddler’s hair, you can always use decorative hair bands and similar accessories! Babies with both short hair and long hair will benefit greatly from such accessories. You can be sure that it will give so many extra brownie points to their cuteness!

So, what is your baby’s hair texture, thickness, and length like? Did you manage to get an idea of how you want your baby’s first haircut styles to be like after going through the 25 ideas that we have provided you?

We sure hope that you did! If you are at a loss for it still, you can always request for some opinions from your hairdresser.