Can Babies Cry In The Womb?

When a woman conceives a baby is formed within her womb. Many call this baby a fertilized egg, an embryo or a fetus. The reality is no matter what you call it, it is a baby. Therefore, since it is indeed a baby, can babies cry in the womb?

The answer to this question is yes, a baby’s first cry happens before it is born and announces his arrival to the world. Research has proven that a baby still in utero can indeed cry.

Video ultrasound images taken during the third trimester, around the 28th week of pregnancy, showed a baby startling at a low decibel noise that is played on the abdomen of the mother. The baby, once startled, demonstrates crying behavior. The baby will open its mouth, depress its tongue and take several irregular breaths before exhaling fully and then settle back down to normal activity within the womb.

Can Babies Cry In The Womb

The baby while in the womb go through four behavioral states: active awake, quiet awake, active state and quiet sleep. Researchers are preparing theories and evidence to add a fifth behavioral state for a baby in the womb: crying.

There have been documented cases of a pregnant woman having to undergo surgery either for her health or the health of the baby. When the uterus is opened by the surgeon, the baby has been photographed gripping the finger of the surgeon. If a baby in utero can reach out to touch a person and grasp their finger, then it only makes sense that a baby would also be able to cry while in the womb.