30 Funny Asian Baby Memes That’ll Get You Laughing

Asian baby memes are funny partly because of how Asians can sometimes be said as funny themselves. Foreigners who aren’t Asian will always laugh at how they can’t differentiate one Asian from another, the Asian stereotype they all need to get Straight A’s and become doctors, lawyers or engineers, or risk dishonoring their families, and most of all – their eyes which are admittedly very squinty in comparison.

We are not sure why you are looking for memes with Asian babies, but we have compiled a collection of them for you anyways!


Asian Baby Memes

Below, we share a number of Asian baby memes with you so that whatever type of meme it is you are looking for, you will find them here. These memes below are crafted from images featuring Asian babies, which we believe is what you are looking for. Let’s take a look at the ones that we have here!

1. Get Ready Mama! I’m Coming Out Soon…

funny asian baby memes


2. Stop Stop, I’m Gonna Pee!

cute asian baby memes


3. She Said She’d Call Me Maybe…

memes for asian baby


4. Hello, MCDONALD’S? I’m Missing Lik 3 Fries.

memes about asian baby

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5. Waitress, Can I Eat This Too?

famous asian baby memes


6. I Don’t Always Make New Memes. But When I Do, They Get Overused And Are Old After About A Week.


7. Alright Dave, Let’s Talk Numbers. Keep In Mind, I Can Only Count To Three.


8. I Don’t Know Who You Are. But I Will Find You And Eat You.


9. Haha, I Beat You Up…


10. Look, Mom! This One’s For Kicking Me Out Of Your Belly.


11. Eating Watermelon Like A Boss!


12. My Facial Expression 99% Of Times I See “Laughed So Hard” Posts.


13. Aww, Shit! I Ate My Desk Again!


14. Uh Oh! Time For Plan B!


15. Look Bob- I Don’t Care How You Get It Done. I Expect To See 12000 RP In My Account Now!

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16. Two Wongs Can Make A White.


17. What Are You Looking At? You Never Saw A Baby Eating Cake Before?


18. You Better Back Up. I’m Not Scared To Go Back To Prison.

asian baby memes for fun


19. As Said, Stuff Needs To Be Heard! I’m Cool With It!

asian baby memes to laugh


20. Born 10 Minutes Ago. Already Sick Of This World!


21. Just Called To Say Happy Birthday. BTW… Ate Your Cake.


22. Don’t Wait For Me. I’ll Be Late…


23. Look, I Need Someone Qualified For This Construction Job. Put Bob The Builder On The Phone.


24. Thanks For The Stickers Mom And Dad. They’ll Look Great On The Car Windows.

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25. I Love Sleeping Because Dreams Are Way Better Than Reality.


26. Don’t Talk To Me Right Now… I Was Up All Night Keeping My Parents Awake And I’m Exhausted…


27. I’ll Be Home Early.


28. When You Have Pre-School At 8:00, But Have To Destroy Japan At 9:00.


29. No Little Asian, Don’t Eat Them Raw.

cute asian baby memes


30. Carl, Why Didn’t You Answer Your Phone? I’m Sorry Sir, I Lost It In The MCDONALD’S Ball Pit.

funny asian baby memes


We hope that the Asian baby memes above have brought a smile to your face at the very least. If you laughed, that’s even better! Feel free to share these memes with your friends and family – laughing is healthy!