When To Start Feeding Baby Food – At What Age Do Babies Start Eating Solids?

Many have a common question in mind that at what age do babies start eating baby food. Deciding when to start feeding baby food will vary per baby. Each child will give cues to let the parents know when they are ready to start eating solid foods. Here is a general schedule of what age foods should be introduced to the baby.

Birth to 4 Months

The baby should only eat breast milk or formula. The digestive system is not developed enough to handle baby foods or other solid foods. Read when to start a baby feeding cereal here.

4 to 6 Months

The baby will still be eating breast milk or formula but other foods can be added. Make sure food is either pureed or semi-liquid so baby can swallow it. Foods that can be given are pureed sweet potatoes, squash, bananas, apples, prunes or peaches. Iron fortified cereal can also be given.

first solid foods for baby - baby food chart for 4 to 6 months

Baby Food Chart – 4 to 6 Months

6 to 8 Months

Less breast milk or formula will be needed and will be replaced with pureed or strained fruits and vegetables. Pureed meats and tofu can be added. The baby may enjoy small amounts of yogurt. You can get more on baby food on this baby food timeline.

what age do babies eat baby food - when can babies have baby food

8 to 10 Months

Foods that are given to a baby age 6 to 8 months can be given. This age is when finger foods are introduced. These are generally small pieces of banana, peas, teething crackers, cereal, etc. Small amounts of protein which include eggs and well mashed beans can also be introduced.

babies start eating solids - food chart for baby 6 to 9 months

food chart for babies – 6 to 9 months

10 to 12 Months

All foods previously introduced can be continued. Cheese, cottage cheese and fruit cubes can be added. Bite sized soft cooked vegetables and macaroni and cheese can also be introduced. Do not give cow’s milk or peanut butter until the child is over 1 year old.

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