9 Effective Tips To Soothe a Teething Baby

When babies are starting to cut teeth, meaning that their baby teeth are starting to come through the gums, they can be hard to soothe. Typically, drooling, crankiness and crying are signs that the baby is teething, this will happen around six months of age. Parents always want to soothe a teething baby as he/she cries out loud.


How To Soothe a Teething Baby

Some effective tips are given below that will help you to soothe a teething baby.

#1 Massage the Gums

Using a clean finger, gently massage the gums in a counter-clockwise pattern applying light pressure. This will help ease the baby’s discomfort.


#2 Teething Ring

Teething rings come in all shapes and sizes. Beware of the ones that are filled with liquid as it could break under the pressure of the baby chewing on it. Sometimes a bottle will work as well, so fill it with water and let them gnaw on the nipple.


#3 Chill It

A cold or cool washcloth is very soothing as is a chilled teething ring. Do not freeze the cloth or teething ring as it could cause severe discomfort to the baby and be potentially harmful. A chilled spoon can also offer much needed relief to the baby. Apply the spoon part to the baby gums. The spoon is best used when the teeth have not emerged through the gums yet.


#4 Chilled Food

Offer the baby cold food such as yogurt and applesauce. The cold food will soothe the swollen and painful gums as well as fill the baby up. Some mothers use a special mesh bag and put chilled fruit in for the baby to suck on.


#5 Breastfeeding

For some babies, the sucking motion may alleviate the pain associated with teething; other babies may find breastfeeding more painful. Try breastfeeding and if the baby settles down and is comforted by it, then allow them to nurse when they get overly cranky.


#6 Teething Jewelry

There is jewelry for moms being made with a teething baby in mind. Babies will grab anything and put in their mouths to try to stop the pain. Mothers will want to comfort their child and having a necklace on that is designed for little mouths to gum, it gives the child twice the comfort.


how to soothe a teething baby

a teething baby

#7 Distraction

Changing the scenery or activity will sometimes help distract the baby. Sometimes a warm bath with plenty of bubbles and bath toys will help take baby’s mind off of the pain caused by teething.


#8 Hard Foods

Peel a cucumber or carrot and let the baby gnaw on it. Be sure to closely monitor the baby with hard foods so small pieces do not break off and become potential choking hazards.


#9 Medication

To help relieve the pain of an overly cranky baby, try and over-the-counter pain reliever. You will want to avoid teething medications that contain benzocaine in them due to severe side effects. Baby Orajel Naturals are excellent products for teething as the ingredients are derived from nature and there are no major side effects. The soothing effects of the gel will give baby temporary relief and stop crying fits associated with swollen and painful gums.