8 Air Pollution Facts For Kids

People have been worrying about air pollution for years now. Researchers and scientists have been developing ways to reduce the amount of air pollution that occurs. With air pollution being such a common thing nowadays, kids are not fully aware of the impact that air pollution has on the earth and on them.


Air Pollution Facts – Keep Your Kids Safe

Here are some interesting air pollution facts for kids.

  1. Air is not just polluted outside. Inside can be polluted as well. This includes tobacco use and other forms of smoking.
  2. Air pollution has bigger affects on children than on adults. This is due to their smaller body size and the fact that they play outside more and breathe in more air.
  3. A person breathes as estimated 20,000 liters of air per day. Breathing polluted air is extremely dangerous when you think about have 20,000 liters of chemicals and pollutants coming into your lungs.
  4. Cars and other motor vehicles produce the most air pollution when compared to all other human activities.
  5. Close to two million people die at an early age due to illnesses associated with indoor air pollution from household solid fuel use.
  6. Almost half of the pneumonia deaths among children under the age of five are due to particulate matter being inhaled from indoor air pollution.
  7. People are being diagnosed with Sick Building Syndrome which is a health condition that has been linked to the use of pesticides and chemicals being used in offices and at home.
  8. In 1952, four thousand people died in just a few days due to the high concentrations of pollution in London.


Hope your knowledge has increased on air pollution facts for kids and this will give you the urgency to take steps to keep your kids happy and healthy.