7 Ways To Store Breast Milk To feed Your Baby When Necessary

Many working mothers have to pump their breast milk into containers for their baby to enjoy throughout the day while they are at work. It can be somewhat tricky to store breast milk.


How To Store Breast Milk Safely

Here are several tips to store breast milk safely so that it can be fed to the baby if necessary.

  • Breast milk that is stored will separate into layers. Once the milk is warmed, make sure it is well stirred so the layers mix back together. Pumped milk will vary in color and have a different smell depending on what the mother has eaten.
  • Do not add warm milk to milk that has already cooled. Small amounts of cooled breast milk can be added to the same refridgerated container throughout the day.
  • Chill pumped milk before adding it to already frozen milk. Make sure that the quantity being added is less than that already frozen.
  • Store pumped milk in BPA-free collection bottles or in disposable bags that are designed for breast milk.
  • Only freeze milk in two or five ounce amounts since smaller amounts will thaw more quickly. This keeps from over-feeding and keeps the milk from spoiling. Leave extra room at the top of the container for expansion when the milk freezes.
  • Write the date on the bag or container and always use the oldest milk first. Seal the bags and containers tightly.
  • Sometimes breast milk that is thawed will have a soapy taste or smell. To avoid this, scald the milk on the stove until you see tiny bubbles along the sides of the pan. This is done prior to freezing. Do not bring the breast milk to a boil.