16 Year Old Boy Haircuts: 30 Styling Ideas for 2024

Boys who are 16 years of age usually have strict dress codes and haircut rules at their schools which they have to follow.

It is advised not to break the haircut rule, but bending that rule a bit can be super cool.  It is time to follow your haircut rule at school with style while being the good boy you are!

No matter what haircut you get but styling that haircut really makes the difference. Here we have compiled 30 best haircut for 16-year-old boys to explore this year.


Hairstyling Ideas for 16 Year Old Boy

Want a quick and easy hairstyle or something daring and dazzling? Whatever you want, the solution is right here! Something for everyone with these haircuts of 2024 for 16 years old boys.

These styling ideas are flexible enough to go with both casual and formal occasions and can be modified easily. These are good styling choices for all the boys in there sweet sixteen.

Below are some of the hairdos you can choose from for any time and any occasion:

1. Boy’s Crew Cut

crew cut for 16 year old boys

For the ones who never have enough time for their hair, well, no worries. Crew cut is one of the trendy looks for 16-year-old boys, which is just the right haircut.

With little or no maintenance, this haircut can be easily styled. It works best with half an inch or two inches of hair. Make sure there are no abrupt edges or random hair sticking out, and you are good to go.


2. Undercut Hairstyle

undercut hairstyles for 16 year old boy

Go with this hairstyle, and you are guaranteed to kill two birds with one stone! It is in trend and also, goes well with your school haircut rule.

You can style this haircut however you want to style it. This undercut works best with a good pomade while bringing out a subtle shine and firm hold.

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3. Quiff with Tapered Undercut

16 year old boy haircuts

This haircut is counted among the most popular haircuts for teen boys. You can also boost the look by modifying it into an undercut. It is bound to compliment any face shape and is quite easy to style.


4. Angular Fringe with Disconnected Fade

hairstyles for 16 year old boy

This boy’s fade haircut helps you stand out of the crowd without looking too extra or impractical.

Angular fringe helps add more excitement to the hair and goes fabulously with trimmed in on the side hard lines.


5. Tapered Fohawk

16 year old boy's tapered fohawk haircuts

Fohawk is similar to its big brother, Mohawk. It is neither high maintenance nor too radical but, can make you look devilishly cool.

Though it is new in 2024 trend on hairstyles for 16-year-old boys but is already seen as making its way to the top in hairstyle industry.


6. Broken Ivy League

It is the Ivy League gone rogue! A little gel here and there and some comb can spike it up well for the after party that is waiting just for you!


7. French Crop with Angled Fringe

It is a variation of the French crop and is a perfect example of showing how much you can get out of a single haircut. Add some hair products to it to get longer curls and go out with a bang.


8. Comb Over for Boys

Comb over is the King of classic hairdos and haircuts. It comes to your rescue when you need to look smart in a jiffy. It can go well with any thickness and any length you want.


9. Caesar Style

If you are going to opt for the Caesar cut, there really isn’t much to maintain. Having curly hair and not having the strength to wash them every other day can be a nuisance.

In this case, you really need to get this cut, and its style will take care of the rest.

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10. Simple to Spiky Convertible

16 year old boy haircuts 2019

You can style this 16-year-old boy haircut in two entirely different ways. According to haircut trends of 2024, for a neat look, wear your haircut with a simple brushed forward appearance and a clean fringe.

For a funkier look, spike your hair up and add some texture to the hairstyle.


11. Hard Part Haircut

Nowadays, hard parts are everywhere you look. You can easily make your hard part seem good by combining it with clean and friendly side part style. It is undoubtedly going to add to your style statement.


12. Side Swept

For those of you who want a more trendy and fresh look this season, the side part is just the right hairstyle you are looking for.

You can style it with any hair product of your liking, or you can also wear it messy, which makes it quite versatile.


13. Blonde Spiky Haircut

In today’s hairstyle trend for teen boys; what you usually see is hairstyles with dyed hair tips.

With this haircut, you can take your hairstyle game to a new level. All that is needed is combing the hair up into the classic faux hawk shape to highlight the color.


14. Undercut Young Afro Skin Fade

16 year old boy hairstyles

This haircut is an exceptional choice for 16-year-old boys. This hairstyle is unique on its own. You can also add an extra flare to the hairstyle by adding a fade on the sides.

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15. Tousled Top with Shaved Temple

haircuts for 16 year old boy

This hairstyle comes with a little maintenance and is easy to carry. Tousled hair gives you a chic look, and shaved temple gives you a bolder look. All you have to do now is go out and flaunt your new hairstyle!


16. Skin Fade with Hard Part

While the quiff is more noticeable, the skin fade will add defining details to the haircut. Your boy can go for a short or long quiff, depending on the look you want.

Have a short quiff for classic and a long one for a bold look. The deep part will make it more significant.


17. Coopers Curly Top with Fade

Eye-catching Long Haircuts for Boys

This curly top style is best for boys with thin hair. The thin hair will add a nice fluffy volume to the look. In addition, the sides and back are given different degree fades so that it will look trendy.

Curly hairstyles for 16-yr old boys will also look trendy and cute. The dense volume on the top will be good for both formal and informal attire.


18. Side Swept Long Top

Side-swept hair with long-length hair is something everybody wishes for. So if your boy has it naturally, you must make it look extra good.

Leave the top and add fade on the sides and the back to achieve this look. You can choose two different fade options to make it look more blended.


19. Classic Haircut

16 year old boy haircuts

Voluminous hair is always the best. This style has short sides tapered and chopped to give a pop-up appearance.

Moreover, the loose locs on the front make it so much fun to look at. For normal occasions, it can be worn in a casual style with a messy look.


20. High Pompadour

Just take a look at that densely layered pompadour. Isn’t this the best way to style your dense volume? Of course, a high top will make your face look slimmer.

The sides are also given enough layering to stay in control and not fall apart. 


21. Curly Frohawk

If your boy loves mohawks and you are not sure if it suits your boy’s natural afro hair, then check this out.

The textured natural top is trimmed into a frohawk with faded sides. You can alter the length of the top too. Sleek cuts are carved into the fade to create trendy designs.


22. Curvy Hipster with Angular Hairline

This mini curvy look is perfect; the top hair is sleekly arranged into a fine curve which is too much appealing.

And the spotlight eats the angular hairline supported by the tapered fade drip on the sides. The thin hair top gives a hipster look.


23. Country Boy Hairstyle

We have seen many haircuts for 16-year-old boys, but nothing can beat these vintage looks. So what do you guys say?

This messy top country boy style looks so natural and pleasing. Boys with long hair on the top can try this style.


24. Round Textured Hairdo

afro hairstyles for 16 year old boy

The best minimalistic way to style your textured natural afro hair. Brush the hair and cut it into a circle on the top. Then push or pull the hair to release the volume for the bounce.

Finally, style it using hydrating sprays and keep it minimal for a well-groomed look. You do not have to spend more time on styling too.


25. Goblin Blue Look 

Goblin blue is one of those bold colors that catch the viewer’s eye’s attention quickly. The long locs are dyed with this beautiful bright shade.

The roots are kept natural to offer a depth base to the look. The hair is sectioned through the center; this will be an expressive style for teen boys.


26. Messy French Cut

The simplest way to level up your hair game is by adding a fringe. These messy french cuts are the trendiest hairstyles for boys under 16 years.

This is perfect for school or even any other occasion. Add gel to get that smooth french top look. Let the ends be pointy and tapered to get a sharp look.


27. Asian Center Part

Well, the center parts are the top-notch hairstyles of Asian boys. From K-pop idols to movie stars, every Asian tries this style at least once in their lifetime.

You can also try this style, which will look super cool. All you need is medium-long hair to get that flowy look.


28. Pointy Highlighted Fringe

You can also go for a dual-colored look, as shown. Only the fringe part is highlighted with blonde dye, which is way longer and pointy.

The sides are trimmed evenly to get a packed look so that the fringe can be the main attraction of the look.


29. Wispy Highlighted Style

16 year old boy blonde hair

Here is another variation of the center highlighted styles. The highlights here are not close to the roots of the above style. This will give you a different look that will be more natural than the previous one.

The hair on the sides and back is trimmed evenly, and the center is arranged into one side to give a wispy vibe.


30. Cool Boy Hairstyle

messy haircuts for 16 year old boy

Although this looks simple, you can have a cool and decent-looking style. This hairstyle for 16-yr old boys can be fairly decent.

The top is left long, while the sides are kept shorter. You can change the length accordingly to complement your face shape.


These hairstyles are never going out of style and if you are someone who wants to stay in the trend line, make sure you get a hairstyle which works best for you when choosing from these 16-year-old boy haircuts of 2024.