15 Inspiring Leadership Quotes for Kids

Kids are the leaders of the future. They need to learn and grow their leadership skills during childhood. You can help build your child’s confidence and leadership abilities with the following leadership quotes.

These quotes are written and shared on our website to remind them that they have every potential to be a good leader, be it in school, in a family setting, or just in a simple group project.

best Leadership Quote for your kids

Epic Leadership Quotes for Kids

When you read the following leadership quotes, we hope that you will also consider sharing them with primary school teachers that you know.

They will be the best individuals to share the quotes with since teachers will be able to teach many students at once about the concept and raise awareness about the topic! In fact, if you like any of the quotes below, feel free to print them and hang them in classrooms and even in your own study room!

1.  Always be the kind of leader that you would be proud to follow.

2.  A boss commands, but a leader will always bring a team together.

3.  The best leadership tool that you can have is your own personal example to guide your followers.

4.  Knowing what’s right isn’t what that counts. You need to do what’s right.

5.  Lend a helpful hand. Encourage. Always listen. Do the right thing. Energize. Respect Others. Serve.

6.  If there’s a change that you want to see, you need to make the changes from yourself first.

7.   It’s perfectly alright if you don’t know how, but it’s not alright if you don’t even bother trying at all.

8.  If your actions inspire your followers to dream more, do more and become more than they are today, then you are already a leader.

9.   True leaders don’t create their own followers – they create more leaders to inspire the world.

10. Leadership is about taking up responsibilities and sticking to them – not making excuses.

11.  Great leaders did not set out to be leaders – they set out to make a difference. It’s about the goal, not the role that they hold.

12.  You don’t need a cape to be a superhero. All that you need is to care and to give it your best.

13.  A leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

14.  Leadership is all about inspiring changes in other people because of how you are as a person and making sure that the impact lasts even in your absence.

15.  Do the right thing all the time – yes, that means even when no one is looking or noticing!

Why Kids Need to Read Leadership Quotes

Children, young as they are, do not realize the importance of having leadership qualities. These quotes can fix that! Some of these quotes are really simple, but they will be able to raise some awareness among the children about what leadership is and what the concept entails.

Having a good leadership quality is a trait that needs to be nurtured from a child’s early years. These children will learn what it takes to be a good leader, and slowly learn to be one with trials and errors.

These quotes serve to be the basic leadership knowledge for the children, and hopefully, as they grow up and adapt some of these concepts, they will be able to take the lead and lead well.

We hope that you too have found valuable lessons within the leadership quotes for kids that we have shared with you today. Children might not be able to utilize these lessons immediately, but they are taking one step at a time, learning to do so as they grow up. Remember to share them with your friends and family, or even with your own kids!