13-Year-Old Boy Haircuts: Top 23 Styles to Try

The beginning of teenage comes with a lot of excitement, doesn’t it? And what better way to deal with all this excitement than a new haircut for 13-year-old boys? This is the time when your little guy starts growing and exploring on his own.

So, he needs something cool and impressive to make people like him even more. Also, since boys need to boost their confidence in these early years of teenage, a unique hairstyle is sure to uplift their self-esteem.


Amazing Hairstyles for 13-Year-Old Boys

So, buckle up and see these 13-year-old haircuts to help your champ outshine everyone else.

1. Forward Sweep Cut

13 year old boy haircut

Choose a simple haircut and uplift it by combing your child’s hair in a reverse way. Upper layers with longer hair add adaptability.

Comb their hair for a forward sweep, or brush them in a slicked front style. The side part gives a junior student look with some crisp edges.


2. Elegant Spikes

blonde spiky hairstyle for 13 year old boy

Spiked hairstyles tend to indicate that the mane is rigid. Nevertheless, it’s a decent freestyler boy option for teenagers who are not really sure about going too short.

Keep in mind that this will necessitate the use of hair products: the more the mousse, the better for keeping the style’s stature and form.


3. Side Swept Flairs

layered blonde hairstyle for 13 year old boy

Long blonde tresses, adequate to create a tough side portion or slick forward look. A swept bang is among the easiest hairstyles for 13-year-old boys to level up your kid’s hairstyle.

Chaotic crispness is becoming one of the most popular teen hairstyle trends. So buy some sleek hair products for your child to achieve the tousled look without appending sparkle or mass to edges.


4. Honey Brown Bob Fringe

long shag haircut for 13 year old boy

Unless your kid has naturally curly hair, they don’t require much styling; this haircut for 13-year-old boys moves further.

Sometimes when hair is getting lengthier, and your kid isn’t prepared to chop it, you can have them snipped and molded into a trim like this. This one is ideal for youth with naturally curly hair.


5. Dashing Messy Look

13 year old boy with wavy hair

This young teenager’s haircut has a bit better top length for clean lines as desired. If you appreciate the concept of a taper but aren’t interested in going supremely short, this hairstyle is best for your kid.

Without trimmers, you can keep long hair on his crown portion. Then razor mildly and progressively fade the sides down and back into it.


6. Curly Hair Affairs

13 year old boy with curly hair

Due to the double pigment of caramel highlighting and tight curls with medium shades, the ringlets have a great deal of bounce and shine.

You’ll want to specify the hair at the crown with a texturizing mousse that provides sufficient grip to go on all day.


7. Brush Cut Hairdo

crew cut for 13 year old boy

Keep in mind that you give confidence to your kid with a perfect style. This standard-size upper undercut look is an excellent option compared to longer hair with shaved sides.

It is much simpler to put on and flair daily. A decent alternative for a teenage boy who is concerned with his presentation and enjoys being cool and trendy.


8. Solid Buzz Cut

13 year old black boy haircuts

A further illustration of a classic cut, this one bristles tresses forward to achieve a softer finish.

Combined with a seamless deep side part and back, it creates a bold teenager’s haircut that doesn’t require special tailoring. Instead, buzz your hair up at the shortest possible height.


9. Short And Sleek Quiff

fade haircut for 13 year old boy

A dramatic mid fade can radically change a somewhat unremarkable haircut. Simply trim off a solid line of your kid’s hair to create the segment stick out.

You’ll have the best combination of dapper strands and manly woozy hair. Begin with dry hair straight up at the back while applying a volumizing mousse pomade.


10. Front Swept Undercut

hairstyle for 13 year old boy

This stylish look is both trendy as well as slightly provocative. You desire your hair to appear stylish but not overly ideal, so blow dry it easy but sparingly.

Ask your hairdresser for extra shine across the trim to add depth to the strands if you don’t mind additional upkeep for your kid.


11. Afro Ringlets

This requires frizzy or super-curly hair, yet it’s a flattering choice that enables you to maintain some height on top.

You can choose this comfortable and short haircut if your teen’s hair has a solid afro-like appearance. Keep the top messy and trim the edges for a fun and playful look.


12. Auburn Waves

13 year old boy with curly red hair

This is a popular style because it demands almost no monitoring and has a relaxed appearance with an extremely elegant look. Tresses can be worn with almost any hair type.

It looks fantastic with natural curls and mid-parting. Then, let your kid’s hair adjust to the new look. You take professional help for trimming his hair to classify and intensify your ringlets.


13. Classic Military Cut

short haircut for 13 year old boy with round face

This military haircut, with choppy ends and a contoured front, is super cute and perfect for teenage youngsters.

This style seems to be about two inches long at its finest. So inform the hairdresser about the length you desire for your kid. Then seek his advice on what would work much better.


14. Tousled Chops

13 year old boy hairstyle for fine hair

The side part is a great source of imagination for stylish and comfortable kids’ hairdos. Lengthy hair on the crown with short fringes on the forehead and rear end are fashionable presently.

Another of the great features of this appearance is how easy it is to flair. Blowing it back, creating a pomade, or parting it on edge are all options.


15. Front Fringe Cut

bangs hairstyle for 13 year old boy

This 13-year-old boy’s haircut is suitable for those with delicate straight hair who dislike short haircuts.

Young teens love hairstyles with fringe chosen to wear lightly and a little unorganized. You can simply create a cool styling by applying a gentle moisture impact with lotion.


16. Curly Shag

Curly Shag Haircuts for 13 Year Old Boys

Curls are meant to be styled and flaunted with confidence, aren’t they? So, let your 13 years old have his curls on a full display with this curly shag.

The hair is cut short and has a nice tidied up look about it even when the curls are unruly. What else would your lad want when he can be cool and trendy all the time with this hairstyle?

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17. Designed Undercut

13 year old boy haircut with Undercut

With the new experience, there should be new hairstyles too. And this design undercut is the most unusual hairstyle for 13-year-old boys which will definitely love. This allows your boy to have a design which suits his imagination the most.

From simple patterns in the hair at sides and back to complex figures, everything goes well with this haircut. Just remember to keep the hair at top neatly combed to rock this one.


18. Side Part With Tapered Sides

hairstyles for 13 year old hairstyles

If there is one hairstyle which looks great on everyone from the 2-year-old princes to the 70-year-old men, it is a classic side part.

No matter the color or texture of the hair, a side part always saves the day. To make the vintage side part more interesting, add slight tapering at the sides and see how cool it looks.

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19. Short Blunt Bangs

13 year old boy haircuts with Bangs

A tween boy’s hairstyles should never be boring. And this funky and stylish haircut makes sure of that. The blunt bangs sweep the whole forehead creating a dramatic look.

While going for this 13-year-old haircut make sure that you keep your boy’s hair short so that it stays all nice and put together.


20. Dyed Comb Over for Boys

13 year old boy's comb over

This comb over hairdo is so appealing and eye-catching that your 13-year-old boy is going to love all the attention that he gets with it.

The hair is all dyed and combed to a side standing from the rest of the hair. The sides have a high fade and have a natural color.


21. Messy Skater Boy Haircut

13 year old boy haircuts

Messy hairstyles are a huge fashion trend for teen boys. The hair is all messy and loose with just the right amount of charm. To keep things on the normal side, you need to trim the sides neatly.

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22. Curved Half Pomp

boy's haircut for your 13 year olds

Want to get a nice and elegant haircut for your 13-year-olds? Then this curved half pomp is perfect for your boy. It has the hair stylishly folded in pomp making the hair look more voluminous.


23. Spikes

spiky hairdo for 13 year old boys

If your teenage boy loves something attractive and fun then these spikes are a great option. This spiky haircut for boys is low maintenance but highly fashionable.


So, go through these haircuts for 13-year-old boys and choose the best one for your boy!