Top 20 Hairstyling Ideas for 12-Year-Old Boys

As they grow up, boys want to experiment with their hair and choose a style that not only looks great on them but also makes them feel confident and self-assured.

Tween boys, 12-year-old boys in particular, need to choose hairstyles that will make them feel confident at school when playing sports, and when they’re out with their friends.


Trendy Haircuts for 12-Year-Old Boys

Every boy wants to fit in with his friends, and these age-appropriate haircuts for 12-year-olds are sure to help any boy feel chic, trendy, and cool.

1. Longer on Top with Shorter Sides

12 year old boy haircuts

This is a classic haircut for any 12-year-old boy who wants something that will suit his face shape, no matter what it is. This cut looks great on any boy and is very easy to take care of.

The longer top adds a bit more volume and movement to the style and prevents it from looking boring, and the cut over the ears looks nice and clean.

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2. Hipster Boy Haircut

haircuts for 12 year old boy

Bangs don’t have to be left down to hang on the face, as this style clearly shows. Shorter bangs are swept up and away from the face, to the side, with a little bit of product to ensure that they stay in place.

The short back and sides make this a great neutral style that is very easy to take care of in the morning.


3. Curly Front

hairstyles for 12 year old boys

Thanks to the natural curl, boys who have this style and cut will enjoy a bit more body from their hair, which will allow them to stand out from the crowd.

It’s one of the more popular 12-year-old hairstyles for boys who are tired of fighting with their curls and want something that will not only be easy to take care of, but also help them stay cool in the summer.


4. Tween Boy Haircut

12 year old boy with side swept hair

A great fade up and over the ears, as well as much longer hair on the top of the head, results in a side-swept look that is classic, but fresh.

Keeping the hair on the sides and back of the neck nice and short is key and will help make the longer hair on the top of the head look even more impressive and controlled, thanks to a little product.


5. Longer Side Bangs

While brushing bangs up and out of the way is a great way to control this longer hair without a lot of effort, it’s not the only way to wear bangs.

This style has much longer bangs that are pulled to one side but can be allowed to fall dramatically over an eye if desired. It is a more impressive look that most tween boys will love.


6. Skin Fade for Boys

Boys who aren’t afraid to show some skin and want a style that will make them look a bit tougher will love the fact that this 12-year-old haircut has a bit of a skin fade up and over the ear.

This, in addition to a lot of movement and volume in the longer hair on the top of the head, results in a fresh take on a classic style.


7. Comb Over Hairstyle

Short sides and a short backset the stage for drama with this slicked-back style. The bangs are pulled back from the head and held in place with enough product to make them look wet throughout the day.

The end result is one of the coolest 12-year-old boy haircuts available.


8. Longer and Messy

Not all boys want very short hair, and that’s okay, as this is a great option for boys with medium-length hair that is cool and updated.

Parting the hair deep on one side adds a ton of volume to the style and prevents it from falling flat.

The hair is kept longer around the ears and on the back, which makes it look very relaxed and also ensures that it is easy to style in the morning.


9. Hard Part Haircut for Boys

A hard part on the side shows clear delineation between the top of the head and the shorter sides and is a great way to separate longer locks from a fade.

Brushing the hair straight across the top of the head and keeping the bangs out of the face ensures that boys look their best when they wear this hairstyle.

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10. Gentle Waves

wavy hairstyle for 12 year old boy

Longer hair on the top and shorter sides looks great with straight hair but looks fresh and fun when boys have a little curl or wave in their hair.

This results in a lot of movement in the style and means that it will look just a little bit different every single day. Boys who have just a little curl can easily wear this style.


11. Short Quiff

Not all boys have perfectly straight hair, but even the ones who are lucky enough to have some curl can enjoy spike up their bangs a little.

Shorter sides and a shorter back allow the longer length of the bangs to be the focal point of the style. There’s just enough curl in this look to add volume and movement to the cut.


12. Spiky Haircut

Bangs that are pushed straight up from the face and cut to be spiky add a lot of fun to this look.

The short cut on the sides and back paired with the spiky front creates a unique look that is great for boys who are on the go. It’s perfect for class, as well as for playing sports or hanging out with friends.


13. Gently Pushed to the Side

There’s no reason why a boy has to wear his hair at a sharp angle when gently pushing it off to the side can be very attractive.

A short fade over the ears, as well as slightly longer hair on the top, results in a chic hairdo that is easy to take care of and makes the twelve-year-old boy look relaxed and friendly.


14. Great Lines Around the Face

Sharp lines around the face are what really defines this style. The short fade up and over the ears is made even more impressive thanks to the clearly defined lines and angles around the face.

Leaving the hair on the top of the head a bit longer makes it possible to add some product to it to create a textured look.


15. Simple Movement on Top

best haircuts for 12 year old boys

Simply brushing longer hair on the top of the head to the side makes this hairstyle for 12-year-old boys fresh and modern.

Rather than using a ton of product, the right cut will allow the hair to naturally rest from one side of the head, over the top, to the other.

The end result is much softer and less defined than when boys use products on their hair.


16. Emo Boy Hairstyle

Adding color to the longer hair around the face is a great way to frame the face. The bright red on this style flows through the hair thanks to the slight flip on the ends.

The longer cut could easily be shaggy, but regularly trimming up the ends will ensure that it looks neat and not too messy, making it great for school.


17. Curly Top

A curly mass of hair on the top of the head makes this one of the best haircuts for 12-year-old boys with curly hair who want to show off their curls, but also keep them under control.

Shorter sides make the longer curls on the top of the head really pop and also ensure that the boy wearing this style won’t be too hot during the middle of the summer.


18. Chic Style with Product

This chic boy hairstyle with undercut relies on a product with plenty of holds, but that won’t make the hair look wet or crunchy to create a soft and pleasing style.

The longer hair doesn’t have a hard line from the shorter sides, which gives it a gradual appearance that is refreshing and not nearly as harsh as other styles can tend to be.


19. Slicked Top with Design

12 year old boy's haircut with design

Slicking longer hair over on the top with plenty of product results in a sleek and chic style.

The hard lines around the face, the intense fade, and the design on the side of the head all contribute to the great look of this boy’s hairstyle.

Using plenty of product is key to making sure that not a hair gets out of place when wearing this style.

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20. Loose Curls with Exposed Ears

12 year old boy with loose curly hair

Boys who have loose curls and who aren’t afraid of a little length will love the way this cut looks and feels.

The slightly longer curls add movement, as well as body, to the style, and the shorter hair over the ears and in the back of the head help the longer curls to really pop.


These 20 great 12-year-old boy haircuts are all wonderful choices for any boy who wants a fresh new style. Not only do they look great, but they will give boys a boost of confidence and make them feel better in their skin.