15 Best Hairstyles for 10 Year Old Black Girls

African American hair i.e black hair is so mesmerizing. Finding a suitable hairstyle for 10-year-old black girls can be a little overwhelming but you can do so much with it! Look at the little girls going to Primary school. They have new hairstyles every day and yet they still want new ones and are constantly experimenting with their hair.

Black hair is notorious for being difficult to handle and of course, mothers are hard-pressed in spending enough time on their daughters’ hair to make it just perfect. All those braids, cornrows, buns and so much more. It’s hard to keep track of all the styles.


Awesome 10 Year Old Black Girl Hairstyles

So here’s a list of 15 of the best hairstyles to keep you updated for what’s new in 2021 for the hairdos of 10-year-old black girls.

1. Sleek Long Bob

long bob for 10 years old black girl

The first and favorite hairstyle for any 10-year-old black girl is a long sleek bob that brushes just a little past the shoulders. The style is made even more adorable and classy by adding some fringes in the front that fall to just above the eyes.


2. Braided Pigtails

braided pigtails for 10 years old black girl

The braided hairdos are the easiest hairstyle that you can choose to make for not just an African American but for any little 10-year-old. They practically shout innocence, cuteness and all around adorableness.

They’re pretty easy to maintain as well since once they’re made and made right, they do not need much maintenance at all. You could just play without having a care about it!


3. Twisted Hair

twisted hairstyles for 10 years old black girls

If you want a little pomp and pazazz added to your hairstyle of the day then the twisted curly pigtails is the hairstyle for you. It is absolutely perfect for African American hair and this hairstyle will make that little girl look like a little innocent princess, which of course she absolutely is.


4. Side Braid Curls

10 years old black girls side braid hairstyles

If your little princess is going to a party then these tiny side braids tapering off into voluminous curls are the perfect hairstyle to make that little girl stand out from the crowd. This hairstyle is very chic and very rockstar like, which is the dream look of every 10-year-old black girl ever.


5. Messy Bun

messy bun styles for 10 years old black girls

If it’s a wedding or a formal affair then this hairstyle is absolutely perfect for any 10 years old girl with black origins. Scrunch up that hair on the top of that little head and pin it up in a messy bun. Add a finishing touch by gracing it with a beautiful flower crown or beaded pins.


6. Afro Buns

The Afro is what can be typically called as the mainstream hairstyle for any black girl with medium length hair. This style is very chic and pairing it with little braids hanging on either side? Well, it would be absolutely adorable for anyone.


7. Fishbone Updo

Fishbone cornrows from the root of the neck leading into a classic messy updo is a very stylish hairstyle for a 10-year-old.

It’s a known fact that little African American girls in the ages between 10 and 12 absolutely love cornrows and braids. So having a hairstyle that has both cornrows and a bun which keeps her hair out her eyes while she plays is a major plus!


8. Twin Buns with Little Braids

Having two little buns on top of your head and then a crossroads of braids running into it from the crest of your forehead is the kinkiest black girls hairstyle that any 10 years old could have. It’s cute and has a rock and roll feel to it as well.


9. Fulani Inspired Braids

This particular hairdo has been inspired by Fulani i.e. the Muslim theocracy of Western Sudan. This hairstyle has a multitude of braids wrapped into each other creating a very unique look.

Every Fulani inspired hairstyle is always rare and beautiful. To make the look even more authentic and fun for the kids, you can always add in some colorful beads and hair accessories.


10. Curls and Bangs

hairstyles for 10 years old black girl

This is one of the most classic hairstyles for 10-year-olds black girls you could ever have. If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to properly create an intricate ‘do then simple curl your hair into little ringlets fall onto the shoulders and if you have 3 more minutes you could straighter the bangs and let them fall gracefully on that cute African American forehead and be on your way!


11. Box Braided Style

Box Braid are the most common natural hairstyle for black girls of any age after Afros. It’s actually more popular. Every 10-year-old black girl would be ecstatic to have this particular hairstyle every day in school.


12. Cornrows Double Bun

If your little girl loves cornrows and braids then make them for her and if you’re afraid that they’ll get in her way and will get messy then just twist them into buns on top of her head. Easy right!


13. Braided Tops With Waves

It’s party time for your little girl and she wants a classy yet chic look. So just turn her hair into voluminous waves, let them fall over her shoulders while pulled back from her face in braids. She’s perfect!


14. Curly Afro Bob

afro bob for 10 years old black girls

If your little black princess has an Afro craze going on and she wants curls as well? Then have no fear and help her make them because they will look absolutely fabulous. This is the absolute hairstyle for 10-year-olds black girl to try with curls.


15. Cornrow Ponytail

cornrow ponytail for 10 years old black girl

If your 10-year-old black girl is a sports fan and loves playing but also wants fashionable hair. Then help her create some cornrows and then pull it back into a simple high- ponytail. It’s old but it’s gold.


So these above-stated hairstyles are 15 of the best hairstyles that any10-year-old black girl would die for. Actually, every little girl would. So hurry up and try them. Start your engines and full steam ahead.