Top 10 Reasons Why Babies Cry

A baby will cry for numerous reasons and seasoned parents know exactly what each cry means and can quickly console the crying baby. Many new parents seek answers to why a baby cries. They look to their parents, friends and experts for finding answers to why the baby is fussy and how to console them.

10 Causes of Baby Crying

Here are top 10 reasons why a baby cries for. There can be other lots more reasons but the most common one’s are as follows.

Baby is Hungry

Babies eat small amounts several times a day. They seem to be hungry all the time and they will cry when their tummies are empty and are expecting food. Thinking that baby is hungry is the first reaction of many people. Food is therefore the go-to remedy for a crying baby.

Diaper is Soiled

A soiled diaper will irritate a baby and make them uncomfortable. When babies are irritated or uncomfortable they will cry. Diaper rash will also cause a baby to cry. Keep the baby’s bottom clean and dry and apply diaper rash ointment when needed to help give the baby relief.

reasons for which a baby may cry

Try to understand why your baby is crying

Baby is Sleepy

An overly tired baby will be cranky and cry. Babies need a set schedule with a set time to get up in the morning as well as a set nap time. Many babies will also require at least one nap throughout the day. Make sure that baby gets enough rest and is on a schedule.

Baby Wants Cuddled

Babies crave closeness as a way of being comforted. When they feel tired or stressed, a baby will cry to be picked up and held. Cradling and rocking a baby will soothe them and help them relax.

Baby has Stomach Problems

A baby’s intestinal tract is sensitive and they will have issues with gas build up or constipation. Give the baby over the counter gas relief drops to help relieve any gas build up. Gently massaging the baby’s tummy will help alleviate the pain. Also laying the baby on his tummy will put pressure on the stomach and help with the discomfort.

Baby Needs Burped

Babies will fuss and cry when they need to be burped. When a baby nurses or takes a bottle, he will suck air into his tummy. This air will cause discomfort. Gently the baby on the back or massage circles on his back until the burp happens.

Baby is Too Cold or Hot

Babies are not able to regulate their environment or their body temperatures without help. When a baby becomes too cold or too hot, they will cry. Restless babies will start to calm down when their climate is changed to correct the chill or heat of the room. Adding clothing or removing clothing will generally help the baby to calm down.

Baby is Teething

With swollen, painful gums it is no wonder why a teething baby cries often. Keep chilled teething rings handy. Babies who are teething can sometimes become inconsolable, so try different things such as cold food, a pacifier, chilled washcloth, or cold solid food. If the baby is having a particularly rough day, use an over the counter gel that will give relief from the pain.

The Small Things

A baby can be persnickety and the smallest thing can upset them. This could be a hair wrapped around their finger or a tag on their outfit is scratching them. If they are inconsolable, check them thoroughly for any irritant that might be aggravating. Sometimes babies can be extra sensitive to some laundry detergents.

Needs Less Stimulation

Babies are constantly learning through their environment. There are times when the baby has been through a trying day of interactive toys, learning programs on television, baby yoga to name a few activities and they simply want to be left alone. Babies are like adults and they need down time too. Too much stimulation will cause the baby to become anxious and cry more.

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